Ponyville Train Station

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Ponyville Train Station
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Location Ponyville
Type Train station
First "The Last Roundup"
Last "Pinkie Pie"

The Ponyville train station is a major location in the town of Ponyville. he station connects Ponyville to the Friendship Express, a railway system that connects every single city in Equestria and some in the Frozen North together so ponies may travel from town to town in a quick fashion. The station has filled an important role both culturally and historically, as it was among the factors in Ponyville's rapid growth, and allowed for the otherwise rural residents to easily and quickly travel to any city in Equestria, and some beyond.


Era of Princess Celestia[edit]

The station during the Era of Princess Celestia

The station was built at some point in the Era of Princess Celestia, possibly either by the Apple family or by early settling families. During this era, it was constructed near Stinkin Riches shop, whose impressive business and goods ultimately drew many ponies to visit and later stay in Ponyville, leading to the towns growth.[1]

Era of Harmony[edit]

Bursting with life during the Era of Harmony

The maintenance of the station appeared to be a public affair rather than a private one, as Big McIntosh has been seen working here, helping repair the Friendship Express.

The Mane Six presumably boarded the station when they took a train to Appleloosa.[2]

Later, Pinkie Pie and the Mane Six were entrusted to move the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness from Ponyville to Canterlot as they boarded the Friendship Express via the train station.[3]

Several days later, Babs Seed traveled from Manehattan to Ponyville and met her cousins Applejack and Apple Bloom and the other crusaders at the station.[4]

A few days later, the Mane Six boarded the station to the Crystal Empire in order to attend the Equestria Games while Spike watched their pets. Even though he wasn't supposed to, he, the pets and the Cutie Mark Crusaders ended up boarding a train at the station to travel to the Crystal Empire as well.[5][6]

Era of Twilight[edit]

About a year later, assuming the Equestria Games are annual, the Crusaders were to board the train at the station to travel to the Equestria Games to represent Ponyville. However, after Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon caused Scootaloo to feel greatly insecure about her abilities, she decided not to meet them at the station.[7]

In the following days, Trenderhoof came to Ponyville and met with Rarity at the station.[8]

Years later, Scootaloo planned on running away from Ponyville to live with her aunts, Aunt Lofty and Aunt Holiday to get away from her parents trying to force her to move to them in Shire Lanka, by taking a train to their house at the station. Though she did eventually go, accompanied by her friends, she eventually came up with an idea that didn't involve her moving while talking to her aunts.[9]

Some days later, the Crusaders used a magical flower to become adults and tried to use the station to travel to Appleloosa to attend the Appleloosa County Fair, but instead ended up going to Hayseed Junction by mistake.[10]

During the Era of Twilight

A little bit before the formal starting of the "Ponyville Days" celebration, Twilight Sparkle and Spike boarded the train to Canterlot. By the time they came back, the town was in complete chaos due to a rift forged when ponies couldn't agree whether or not the Rich family or Apple family truly started Ponyville.[11][12]

During Accord's conquest, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna, who had traveled into Discord's mindscape to save him, and perhaps all of Equestria, from Accord. However, they failed and were possessed by Accord and later cornered the rest of the Mane Six, Princess Celestia and other Canterlot ponies at the Canterlot Train Station. The ponies managed to escape via the train and traveled to the Ponyville train station for (relative) safety.[13]

During the second wave of Cosmos's reign of terror, the Twilight Sparkle, again possessed, traveled from the Train Station into Canterlot.[14]

Twilight Sparkle was supposed to meet with Princess Celestia at the station, but due to a spell going haywire, she and Spike were turned into stone, so Pinkie Pie met with her instead. At first she was stressed, bugging a Newspaper Reader in the process. When Celestia did come around, the two had a great time playing games, pranks on Twilight by putting hats and mustaches on her stone body, and having a girls night out. When Celestia did leave, once again at the station, she burst into laughter when she saw Twilight running up to her urgently, still with the mustaches on her person.[15]


The station was built near Stinkin' Rich's store, near the some of the earliest communities in Ponyville.[1] Although it was constructed in the plains region of Ponyville, it was quite close to the fields.[6] It was only a few meters away from Golden Oak Library.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit]

The train station appears in every version of the Friendship is Magic theme song and serves as among the most recurring landmarks in all of Ponyville, and is arguably the most important structure in the town aside from their residences of the Mane Six and related characters. This is likely because trains in Friendship is Magic serve such a major purpose, given they're the primary form of long-form transportation in Equestria, despite the fact that cars and planes exist.






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