Rainbow Falls (location)

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Rainbow Falls
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LocationCrystal Mountains
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"Rainbow Falls"

Rainbow Falls is a Pegasus settlement located in the Crystal Mountains on the border of Equestria and the Frozen North. The city is most well known for the amount of events and activities that take place within it, such as the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange, Equestria Games and Rainbow Falls Hearth's Warming Craft Fair


Not much is known of the history of Rainbow Falls, other than it hosts the Equestria Games and Traders Exchange.[1][2] The city is apparently well known for its water, since Svengallop requested Pinkie Pie to get her water from the city.[3] Fluttershy attends the yearly Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange, and she and Rainbow Dash went there to find gifts for Spike and Applejack during a particularly confusing Hearths Warming.[4]


Rainbow Falls is located on a large plateau either in, or very near to the Frozen North. The city is connected to the Friendship Express, allowing for easy travel to and from. The city is located within the Crystal Mountains, just north of Starlight's village and west of her cave. To the north, the city faces the Yaket Range and to the west, it nears the Crystal Empire.




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