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School of Friendship
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The School of Friendship is a school located in Ponyville dedicated to teaching compassion, teamwork, unity and other pony things. It was founded by Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six, but Starlight Glimmer later took over as the headmare.

"This school sucks!"
Dyre and a good chunk of the fandom


Conception and establishment

Twilight Sparkle first conceived of the school as a place to teach friendship after the defeat of the Storm King. On one occasion she attempted to bring up the subject to the rest of the Mane Six while they were visiting Tempest Shadow in Canterlot, but was interrupted by a message from Princess Skystar.[1] However, after seeing how the Cutie Map had expanded following the Sacking of Canterlot, Twilight finally shared her dream with her friends and Starlight Glimmer, who were all employed at the institution once it had been built. The school was established next to the Castle of Friendship in Ponyville.

With the aid of Princess Celestia, Twilight reached out to leaders in the Changeling Kingdom, Dragon Lands, Griffonstone, Mount Aris, and Yakyakistan. As a result, a non-pony from each land-Ocellus the Changeling, Smolder the Dragon, Gallus the Griffon, Silverstream the Hippogriff, and Yona the Yak-was brought to the school to be enrolled as part of the first class. The school was also attended by numerous pony students, including Sandbar, who soon befriended the five foreign visitors. However, the school suffered in the beginning from Twilight’s insistence on adhering to the strict educational guidelines of the Equestrian Educational Association, or EEA.

Despite the efforts of the faculty to persuade her otherwise, Twilight remained determined to conform to the EEA rules so the school would be accredited by them. However, the Young Six eventually had their fill of this, and ditched class on Friends and Family Day. This led to disaster, as their bonding time led to the school being damaged while Chancellor Neighsay of the EEA and the various non-pony leaders were present. Neighsay, appalled that non-pony students had been allowed to enroll, angered the leaders and shut down the school.

Twilight was initially heartbroken over these developments, until her friends helped her see where she had misstepped. The School of Friendship was a new kind of school, and thus couldn’t be run using the EEA rules for other schools. As such, she decided to reopen it, and sent her friends to petition the non-pony leaders to allow their students to return. However, this led to a startling revelation: the students had all disappeared without a trace.[2]



In other media

The School of Friendship appears in My Little Pony: Magic Princess, with several storylines involving it having been adapted as events. The school also has two structural appearances: as a gem shop, and the Future School of Friendship, which serves as home to several versions of characters from The Last Problem.




Fandom response:

  • The reception of the school has been...mixed by fans. While some fans thought it was a fun addition to the shows status quo with interesting new characters, others found the subtext of the school unsettling, in how it would teach students how to be a "pony". This has led some to view the school to be something akin to a re-education camp or something symbolizing a white savior complex. Less harsh critics simply viewed the school as a desperate way to keep the show still going after so many years.


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