Dodge Junction

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Dodge Junction
Location Equestria
Type City
First "The Last Roundup"

Dodge Junction, sometimes called Dodge City is a city in Equestria.


The city has its own newspaper called the Junction Journal and was once a location where Buffalo Bull's Wild West Show performed at.[1] The town is home to Cherry Hill Ranch, a large farm that grows and sells cherries[2] and may have had another Cherry Ranch in the relatively distant past.[1] Applejack defected to the town after she lost the Equestrian Rodeo Competition and worked at Cherry Hill Ranch under Cherry Jubilee to pay off the money she thought she owed Ponyville, but was convinced to leave by her friends.[2]

Despite this, she remained on good terms with Cherry Jubilee and still helped her out from time to time, and helped her with the ranch after the Equine Flu left her workers immobilized. At this time, the Buffalo Bull's Wild West Show came to town, with all of its workers also sick. Cherry Jubilee eventually recoinciled with Buffalo Bull, her former boyfriend and together the two had another big show at the ranch.

At some point earlier, Flim and Flam both fell in love with the towns librarian, Marian and tried to woo her, but they both ended up being rejected.[3]



In other media

IDW comics

Dodge Junction had major appearances in Applejack and Cherry Jubilee and Ponyville Mysteries #2, a minor appearance in Granny Smith and the Flim Flam brothers and was mentioned in The Pies the Limit.

The only restaurant in the town, The Cherry Pit closed down when its owner, Miss Bertie, retired, leading a resident named Toffee to win the Equestria Super Chef Competition so she could reopen the restaurant.[4]

At some point, both Flim and Flam fell in love with Marian, a librarian in Dodge Junction. However, their hyper competitiveness drove her away.[5]

During the Era of Twilight, Buffalo Bull's Amazing Wild West Show parked and set up a campsite in the town, near Cherry Hill Ranch, causing strife with Cherry Jubilee who was revealed to have history with Buffalo Bull. The two were to get married, but Cherry ran off and Buffalo believed her to be gone, so he carried on with his show and left. When the two reconnected, they eventually fell back in love and had a show together in Dodge Junction.[6]

The town has its own Dodge Junction bowling team who participated in the All Equestria Bowling Tournamet. Apple Bloom initially suspected them of cheating, but after realizing they were friendly and decent folk, she realized they were innocent.[7]


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