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The Changelingverse is an alternate reality version of Equestria created by Starlight Glimmer through the use of her Chrono Trigger spell and the Cutie Map.


The history of the Changelingverse was presumably identical to that of the main timeline of Equestria up until the day on which the Mane Six were supposed to receive their Cutie Marks. Starlight Glimmer, seeking to prevent this from happening, traveled back in time, but was pursued by Twilight Sparkle and Spike. Twilight had already witnessed one alternate timeline as a result of Starlight's alterations to the past, and was thus eager to prevent her from doing so again. However, Starlight took the unexpected tack of helping Hoops and Dumb-Bell see the error of their ways in bullying a young Fluttershy, thus preventing Rainbow Dash from coming to her defense. Unable to reverse what Starlight had done, Twilight attempted to motivate Rainbow to perform her first Sonic Rainboom without the race, but failed.

Twilight and Spike were thus drawn to an altered present in which Changelingverse Queen Chrysalis had conquered Canterlot, forcing a number of Ponies into hiding in the Changelingverse Everfree Forest under the leadership of Changelingverse Zecora. Zecora discovered the nature of the pair, and helped them to understand that each different action Starlight took in the past would have a different effect on the future. Unfortunately, Zecora's camp was then discovered and invaded by the Changelings, Chrysalis and her forces having reached it by impersonating Changelingverse Applejack, Changelingverse Rainbow Dash, and Changelingverse Rarity. Zecora and her forces-including Changelingverse Fluttershy and Changelingverse Pinkie Pie-fought a losing battle against the invaders while Twilight and Spike returned to the past, presumably negating this timeline's existence.

Known inhabitants[edit]

In other media[edit]

My Little Pony (Gameloft)[edit]

In Gameloft's "The Cutie Re-Mark: Changelingverse" event, Apple Bloom learns of the Changelingverseverse timeline from Starlight Glimmer while the latter is working at the School of Friendship. Having heard that one of Apple Bloom's students is suffering from fear of Zecora, Starlight reluctantly recounts the events of the timeline. Apple Bloom then imagines the Changelingverse versions of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie helping Twilight battle Queen Chrysalis, the latter sporting battle armor from Fiendship is Magic Issue 5.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Little is known about how the history of the Changelingverse unfolded differently than that of the main timeline. It appears that, in an altered version of the events of A Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis was successful in seizing control of Canterlot.

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