Winter Wrap Up (event)

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The Nestbuilders on Winter Wrap Up

The Winter Wrap Up is a cultural event and holiday celebrated in the land of Equestria. It's closely related to its opposite holiday, the Summer Wrap Up and has similar traditions to the Running of the Leaves in Fall. The holiday is most likely celebrated in the same months as Hearths Warming.


At least in Ponyville, Winter Wrap Up was historically performed primarily by Earth Ponies and Pegasi who worked on the ground and sky respectively. Typically, Earth Ponies would plow away snow and take care of the animal and plant needs, while the Pegasus focused on reshaping the climate by moving clouds and scheduling different weather phenomenon. While Unicorns were of course allowed to participate, magic was generally frowned upon as it disrupted the work flow of the other camps.

Possibly due to Ponyville becoming more multi-cultural as the years went on a three-team system was introduced. Earth Ponies and Unicorns were often put into the "Tan" and "Green" Teams, which focused on the aforementioned animal and plants, while Pegasus were apart of the "Blue" team, which focused on the sky.

Winter Wrap Up is very much a team effort, with bands of tens or more ponies helping out in a single task. Some such tasks were making sure birds had nests, that animals knew they were done hibernating and hat thick, winter clouds were no more. Each town in Equestria did its part, with a friendly rivalry being formed between said towns to see who could get theirs done fastest.