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The name or term "Twilight Sparkle" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Twilight Sparkle (disambiguation).
Twilight Sparkle
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
EducationCrystal Prep Academy
Canterlot High School
FamilySparkle family
AffiliationCrystal Prep Academy debate team
Equestria Girls
Real world
VoiceTara Strong
Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

Twilight Sparkle was a former student of Crystal Prep Academy and current student at Canterlot High School. She's very close with her talking dog, Spike and her older brother, Shining Armor. After the disasterous incident at the Friendship Games where she very nearly destroyed two universes, Twilight has sense become like family to the elements of harmony.


Early life

Not much is known of Twilight's early life. Wile her parents are still a mystery, she seemed to have a close relationship with her older brother, Shining Armor and seemed to like his wife, Cadance as well. Twilight very likely had a privileged childhood, given her large house and the fact that she went to Crystal Prep Academy. While there, Twilight didn't make much friends but apparently grew to fear Mr. Crimson.[1] The only location in the school she memorized was, of course, the library.[2] She was also apart of the debate team and gained a nearly legendary status for her skills there, even drawing in students who lived outside of Canterlot.[1] At some point, she adopted Spike, a small dog who acted as her only real friend.[3]

Education at C.P.A.

Twilight enrolled at Crystal Prep Academy at some point in her life and stayed at the school for several years. Though she attended classes there, she only really remembered the route to the library. Twilight had many relationships at the school; mostly antagonistic ones. She especially seemed to dislike Sage, who always forgot her name, and was often spooked by the scary Mr. Crimson. At the school, she became quite famous for her feats on the debate team, inspiring other teenagers such as Rising Star. Though she never really had friends at the school, she was associated with the Shadowbolts, likely due to her intelligence and skills, as none of the students particularly cared for her. Her relationship with the principal, Principal Cinch, was especially rough, with the cantankerous old woman manipulating Twilight and taking advantage of her at any opportunity.

Twilight did have family at the school however, as her loving sister-in-law, Cadance worked at the school as the dean and later principal.

Personal life

Twilight getting ready for school

Twilight's life is, in many ways, the opposite of her friends, Sunset Shimmer's. While Sunset seems to live alone in a small, slightly run down house in an urban neighborhood, Twilight lives with her pet dog, Spike in a large, well-maintained house in a clean sub-urban neighborhood.[4] While Sunset is sloppy and easy going, Twilight is a perfectionist who does everything on time without a second thought.[5] She appears to be from an upper-middle class family, given her aforementioned large house, her collection of paintings and the high quality electronics found in her house. Twilight has a laboratory located somewhere in her house, filled with nigh-futuristic technology, green boards and other assorted objects. She and Spike often do experiments together, with both dressing in stereotypical white lab coats when they do.[6]

Despite being well-off, Twilight is always kind, sweet and doesn't appear to be spoiled in any way. Unlike some of her friends, Twilight takes the bus to school (likely due to living in a suburb).[5] Outside of her daily routine and school life, Twilight likes hanging out with her friends and Timber Spruce. Twilight passes her free time by reading books of all genres. Twilight is apart of the Chemistry club at CHS, displaying a strong interest in the scientific arts.[7] In terms of social media, Twilight follows Social Media bots that post interesting science facts[8] and is otherwise hopelessly hopeless at texting and can't read emoticons for the life of her.[9] Despite this, she was able to use emoticons to ask for help, meaning she may understand the basic usage of them.[10] Twilight's favorite pass time is, predictably, going to school and was heartbroken at the prospect of school ending.[11]

Unlike Sunset Shimmer, Twilight doesn't seem to play much video games, but seems to be at least enjoy the Tirek series of video games.[12]



Timber Spruce

Twilight Sparkle: "Hey, Timber! Wanna go inside and see the gravity exhibit? It's really pulling me in!"
Timber Spruce: "Uh... On account of the gravitational pull?"
―Twilight and Timber's awkward small-talk[source]

Twilight first met Timber Spruce at Camp Everfree and the two almost instantly hit it off. Twilight was enamored by Timber's intellectual and smooth comments about Latin and gemstones and Timber was of course, very interested in her. Over the course of her stay at the camp, her friends kept trying to warn her of Timber's apparent misdeeds, but Twilight refused to listen. In the end, it turned out Timber was innocent and a good person through-and-through. Ever since, Timber and Twilight had become close, though Twilight can't for the life of her understand Timber's texting habits. Still, the two obviously care deeply for one another and both stride to become better for the other.

The two unfortunately have trouble seeing each other though, as Timber lives all the way in Camp Everfree. While not quite a long-distance relationship, the two rarely get to hang out, making when they do all the more special.

Flash Sentry

Although Twilight has on a few occasions implied she found Flash weird and didn't really consider him a friend,[3][13] Twilight has also admitted that she thought of him as "more than a friend" and expressed strong romantic interest in him. During the Canter-Crys Science Fair, she passionately danced with Flash after she realized his feelings for her.[1]


Twilight is extremely sweet, kind-hearted and caring. Her intelligence exceeds virtually anyone else she knows with particularly great proficiency in robotics,[6] engineering,[3][6][7] astronomy[14] and chemistry,[3][7] though she's also very well versed in linguistics,[4] geology[4] and history.[14] Though her intelligence is also a curse, as she can't bear the thought of not knowing something and struggles with more mundane tasks such as Social Media and texting because of this.[8][9] Unlike some of her friends, Twilight isn't a very artistic person, but seems to enjoy acting, given how hammy she ended up portraying Selfie's Ma, getting so into the role she almost hit Flash Sentry with a frying pan.[15]

As he was her only real friend, Twilight pampered and spoiled her pet dog, Spike to ludicrous degrees and obviously loved him dearly before he could even speak.[3] In fact, her room was even covered in portraits of the dog.[5] Twilight in general treats her friends extremely well, always trying to help them in any way she can. Although a hard-worker, Twilight isn't against taking the easy way out of situations, such as when she helped clean up after Pinkie Pie's confetti disaster by simplifying throwing the confetti out of a window while innocently whistling to cover up the fact.[16] While far from a coward, she doesn't appear to be as lion-hearted and brave as her pony counterpart. While her pony counterpart would loudly confront bullies for their mean behavior, this version of Twilight seems to be more willing to merely ignore them and go about her day.[17]


Twilight in her work clothes

Physically speaking, Twilight is exactly the same as her Pony counterpart when she entered the Human world. However, her style and hairdo are completely different, allowing her to look distinct. She wears large, bulky glasses and typically wears in hair in a bun. Her casual attire includes a blue dress shirt with a pink ribbon while her work clothes have a distinctly more science-fiction look.

Powers and abilities


Twilight was an avid player of Chess
  • Chess: Twilight was a fan of the game of Chess and used it to help train her friends in more intectual habits. To her surprise, Sunset Shimmer proved superior to her in the game.[18]
  • Debate: Twilight's skills as a debater was practically legendary, reaching students from other towns, such as Rising Star.[1]
  • Astronomer: Twilight is apparently a skilled stargazer with a decent history of astronomy as a whole.[14]
  • Sailing: Though inexperienced, Twilight studied all about sailing and proved to be at least somewhat competent, though the extent of her skills is unclear given her friends incompetencies.[19]
  • Chemistry: Twilight is a very competent chemist and member of the Chemistry club.[7]
  • Robotics: Twilight was capable of making a seemingly sentient robot with a personality, though it was very difficult for her.[6]


Films and specials

Better Together

Choose Your Own Ending



Voice actors



Difference Friendship is Magic Equestria Girls
Age Twilight Sparkle in Friendship is Magic is a young woman in her 20s-30s.[20][21] Just a teenage girl, probably around 16-21
Status Princess of Friendship Aside from having magical powers, just a teenager, albeit a seemingly upper-class one
Background Born in Canterlot, but moved to Ponyville Born in Canterlot and still lives there. Instead, she attended Crystal Prep Academy and later attended Canterlot High School
Relationship with Spike Hatched him and has since developed an extremely close brother-sister, or even mother-son relationship with him Spike is Twilight's dog, but after he grew the ability to talk, they gained a brother-sister type relationship


Fashion Squad

Sold as a single, Twilight and Applejack's are the only know Fashion Squad toys to be sold as such, while the rest are paired with their "best friends" (interestingly, said "best friends" are the characters with some of the least interactions with one another). As with the gimmick of the toyline, Twilight's clothes and items can be removed and replaced.

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