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Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
OccupationFashion designer
EducationCanterlot High School
ResidenceBelle residence, Canterlot
FamilyBelle family
AffiliationThe Rainbooms
Real world
VoiceTabitha St. Germain
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

Rarity was a student at Canterlot High School and the eldest daughter of the Belle family, being the sister to Sweetie Belle. Although Rarity is can be seen as a dramatic and spoiled person, she has more than proved herself to be a business-savvy, creative and extremely hardworking young woman who dearly loves her friends and family—though the two may as well be the same for her.


Background and early life

During her freshman year at school, she became good friends with Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy though the group was eventually torn apart by Sunset Shimmer.[1]

The fall of Sunset Shimmer

Rarity after disguising Twilight Sparkle

During the next year or so after Sunset Shimmer broke up the group, Rarity was probably mostly friendless though not much is known of her time like this. When Twilight Sparkle came to school, she quickly showed worry for the girl and helped put her in a 'disguise' after Snips and Snails filmed a smear campaign against her for the Fall Formal Princess voting process. During Twilight's stay, Rarity managed to forgive her friends, and they forgave her, for the apparent act that broke them up and together they helped Twilight become the Fall Formal by forming a musical group that would later be turned into the "The Rainbooms". Rarity of course helped on the costume designs, re-using old Wondercolt merchandise she was unable to sell.

After the musical performance got countless students on Twilight's side, Sunset Shimmer attempted to sabotage the entire formal so Twilight would be unable to attend by destroying much of the decorations, but Rarity and other students came together to undo the damages and the formal happened as was intended. In a last ditch effort, Snips and Snails kidnapped Spike and forced Twilight to give them the Element of Magic in return for his safety, causing a fight to erupt between Sunset Shimmer's and her goods and the Equestria Girls. Sunset eventually did get her hands on the Element, causing her and her goods to turn into demons and nearly destroyed the school and brainwashed the students, but the anthro powers of the Equestria Girls managed to kick in, turning the girls in magical heroines who defeated Sunset and restored the students to normal.

At the Fall Formal, Rarity continued to spend the event dancing and having fun with her new friends.[1]


Personal life

Rarity is a wealthy young woman, she lives in a large house with her sister and parents with many luxuries. In spite of her well-off situation, Rarity isn't really spoiled. She's used to having things her way, but is willing to compromise to please others, particularly her friends who she loves as if they were family. Rarity loves animals, especially cats, dogs and even pigs and has her own pet cat, Opalescence, but she's shown some disdain for rodents, but has since come around to loving them too. She has a strong online presence and uses her computer for activities such as live-chatting, vlogging and to post on MyStable.

At school, Rarity is a member of the Chemistry club alongside her friends Flash and Twilight. Rarity works at Prim Hemline's boutique as a designer


Fashion, creativity and business

One of Rarity's most defining traits is her creative nature. Another is her business-centric mindset. Together, these allow for Rarity to be a highly successful woman for her age with a notable amount of ventures underneath her belt. Her first and foremost venture is her fashion designing career. Working at Prim Hemline's boutique, Rarity has proven to be very talented at her job though she sometimes lacks the inspiration to make truly inspired works.[2]

Her business-minded mindset however has been shown to be hit-or-miss, as she sometimes complained that she was unable to sell some of her creations.[1]

Musical talents

Rarity is a very talented singer and keytarist. Notable songs featuring Rarity's singing voice include "Equestria Girls", "Friendship Through the Ages" and "Photo Booth".

Behind the scenes


Like most Generation 4 characters, although Rarity is clearly affected by the passage of time, as evident in many instances of continuity between films, specials and episodes, Rarity and the others themselves never seem to age. However, in "The Finals Countdown", she and her schoolmates left school for the summer, which was expanded upon in a brief storyline of summer-based episodes, only for her to come back to school during Better Together season 2 and later films and specials, implying she aged.

Her "base age" appears to be around 16-21, as "Happy Holidays" depicts her friends as old enough to drive. This is further expanded upon by a prequel story, "Equestria Girls" depicting Rarity's past-year as being freshmen. However, as the comics are of a one-way canon, these details may not be true for the mainline continuity.


Rarity may be bisexual, as in earlier versions of Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship would have her realize she had feelings for Applejack, who in turn had them for her. This was ultimately left to be open to the viewers interpretation. A later special, Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown had Rarity fall for a young man named Ragamuffin who bore a resemblance to Applejack, meaning that if she were to have feelings for Applejack, she would be bisexual rather than a lesbian. Humorously enough, in later works, Applejack would be shown to have a crush on a man named Dirk Thistleweed, who strongly resembles Rarity.

Voice actors


Equestria Girls

Rainbow Rocks

Friendship Games

Legend of Everfree


Budget Series



Fashion Squad

  • Series: Equestria Girls
  • Line: Fashion Squad
  • Release: 2018
  • Accessories: 6 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 3 headbands, 4 bags, 12 tops, 9 skirts, 2 dresses, 3 jackets, shorts, jeans, and a pair of socks

Sold with Pinkie Pie, the toyset includes over 40 accessories for the two to wear. Like with the other toys, the clothing and items can be removed, replaced and remixed, allowing for several combinations.

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