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Technicolor Waves
Equestria Girls character
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Technicolor Waves was a young girl from Equestria and good friend of Lily Pad.


It was not a fun spring break for Technicolor

During spring break, Technicolor Waves and her possible father stayed on the Lux Deluxe, a luxury liner ship. It was unclear if she was taken on the trip on behalf of Twilight Sparkle, or if her family paid for it themselves. She went to the petting zoo with Lily Pad and played with the birds, showing a gentle and kind side to her personality. After Rainbow Dash made a fool of herself and scared off the animals, Technicolor Waves looked very disappointed.

When the ship was sinking, she and her possible father were stuck in their room in the ship, and would have drowned to death if Applejack didn't hear her knocking and saved her life. On the lifeboat, she and her possible father stood together as they were hauled to Magic island.[1]


She may be related to Henry Handle, as they've both been seen with "Gordon", who watched Waves on the Lux Deluxe and took them out shopping before.

Technicolor Waves has shown to have been good friends with Lily Pad and Mint Chip

Behind the scenes


Technicolor Waves is among the countless unnamed characters in Equestria Girls and is among one of the "older kid" archetypes, alongside Lily Pad, Mint Chip and Megan.


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