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Applejack: "SOCIAL WHAT?"
―Rarity and Applejack arguing over social media[source]

Social Media is a broad term used to describe internet based organizations and websites dedicated to concepts such as micro-blogging or peer-to-peer interaction. Although intended for the latter, it's often been used as a PR tool or a way to spread facts to users.


Friendship is Magic

Rarity was shocked that Applejack had no social media for her business, though Applejack was more confused as to why she would need social media to sell apples.[1]

Equestria Girls

SnapGab and MyStable appear to be the two most prominent social media websites, with SnapGab being extremely popular with teenage girls and young women. Pinkie Pie had a a SnapGab series where she would post different types of cupcakes each day, while Twilight Sparkle followed "Social Media Bots" that posted "interesting science facts".

MyStable was once used as a tool to harass Sunset Shimmer when the Canterlot Movie Club used it to publish private information under the personality "Anon-a-Miss", which was created in her likeness.

Vlogging is a popular form of Social Media in Equestria, with there apparently being many "amazing" fashion vloggers according to Vignette Valencia. Likewise, Spike has his own blog called Fancy Bench Unboxing with Spike, where he unboxes boxes of goods for dogs.

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