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The name or term "Misty" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Misty (disambiguation).
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"Too Sick to Notice"

Misty is the eldest known daughter to her mother and father and oldest known sibling to Bon Bon, Rusty, Amber, Twink and Baby Pony.


Misty is the oldest known child of her household, though may have an older sibling.[1] She comes from a large household with five younger siblings whom she cares for almost like a second mother. She apparently sometimes help Bon Bon braid her hair, but was far to busy to do so when Baby Pony was sick. When Bon Bon pretended to be sick, Misty made pudding for her, and formula for Baby and ended up mixing up the two in the chaos. She also helped Bon Bon by answering her phone calls, cordially greeting her friends. After she fell ill, Bon Bon went to care for her. She appears to be a humble pony, as she only wanted a glass of water.[2]


Misty could be rude to her younger siblings, but was good-hearted and usually friendly, caring and helpful. She had a tendency to crack under pressure and make mistakes however.



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