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A poster for Tirek's Revenge

"Tirek" is a series of video games featuring the titular Tirek as either the player character or primary antagonist.

History and following

The Tirek series was shown to be extremely popular with the High School crowd, as everyone from Derpy to Fluttershy seemed interested in it. Snips and Snails seemed to be particularly big fans of the series as they were far ahead in line, implying they may have gotten there earlier. Likewise, several tents were propped up around the Game store, indicating that the games were popular enough that people camped overnight.

Judging from the way people talked about the game, despite its dark-looking tone and villainous mascot, the games actually seemed to bring people. Indeed, most people who waited for it waited in pairs and had a great time hanging out with each other. The game also seems to have a rather cathartic appeal, as the normally timid Fluttershy was interested in the "revenge" aspect of Tirek's Revenge.



Behind the scenes

The name of the game was mispelt as "TYREK" in the official description of "A Fine Line".[1]


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