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Template:Animation stub Template:Animation Dance Magic is the first episode of Equestria Girls: Tales of Canterlot High.


The Equestria Girls were washing Big McIntosh's truck in order to help raise money for the Camp Everfree fund raiser. Though they did a great job, they ran out of cars to wash and the deadline for the fund raiser was coming up fast. Out of desperation, Rarity announced a big plan, but kept the details vague from her friends. Spike deduced that she had nothing. Later, Rarity went to the mall in order to window-shop and come up with new ideas when she saw an ad for a music video competition.

Inspired, she decided to sign up for the competition but was distracted when she saw an absolutely beautiful dress. Over at Aunt Orange Smoothies, Rarity bumped into Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet and Sugar Coat. Though the three girls, with the possible exception of Lemon Zest, were obviously trying to antagonize Rarity, Rarity's exceedingly friendly and kind personality kept her from realizing any of the harassment being sent her way. During the conversation, the three girls from C.P.A mention that, if they manage to get the funds for their school project, they can ride on a Yacht and begin to plot against Rarity without her knowing.

Back at CHS, Rarity told her friends of her new plan. Much to her surprise, her friends were actually cool with her spending money on the costumes, confident they will win the contest anyway. Twilight Sparkle, using her anaytlical nature, deduces that if they lost, they would be back at square one, but they decide they're willing to take the risk anyway.











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