Puffed Pastry

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Puffed Pastry
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Puffed Pastry was was the chef aboard the Lux Deluxe and good friend of Pinkie Pie.


Puffed and Pinkie Pie sharing a cupcake

Puffed Pastry was very serious in her cooking craft, so much so that anyone who disrespected her food would be banned from eating at her dining hall. His attitude made her quick enemies with Pinkie Pie, who respected her cooking but thanks to Rainbow Dash's actions, made her appear to be destructive and rude. Pinkie and Puffed devised a rivalry of sorts, with Pinkie trying to eat Puffed Pastry's foods and Puffed Pastry constantly increasingly her punishment, until she was banned for life.

Puffed Pastry wasn't a bad person though. When the Lux Deluxe was sinking, her food was trapped by her foods. Pinkie Pie came across her and saved her life, causing Puffed to forgive Pinkie and and the two became good friends afterwards. Though depressed, she shared a cupcake with Pinkie on the Magic island.

Behind the scenes

Puffed Pasty was voiced by Kathleen Barr, the voice of Trixie Lulamoon.


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