Old Spice

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Old Spice
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Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

Old Spice was the grandfather of Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce and husband of Dove, as well as the founder of Camp Everfree. A hard-working man, Old Spice lived off the land in nature in relative harmony.


Template:Myth According to Timber Spruce, Old Spice built his cabin in the woods, but was confronted by Gaia Everfree, a mysterious spirit of the forest who owned dominion over it. She scowled at him, telling him he had to leave. He and his wife pleaded to the monster, causing its demeanor to soften considerbly as it sparred them but gave them a warning instead, a warning that one day, she would return and force them to leave in the future.



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