Carrot Bun (Friendship is Magic)

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I suppose I can't keep calling you "Dragon," can I? You need a real name.
This character either has no official name, or numerous "semi-official" names. See here for details

Carrot Bun was the maintainer of the X Marks the Sushi food truck.


Carrot Bun sent out a series of messages in bottles around Beach town's beach in order to attract business as a sort of subtle marketing campaign. When Sunset Shimmer and her friends finally uncovered the clues of the bottles, they found the truck and were rewarded with free sushi. Though disappointed, they enjoyed the sushi nonetheless.

Behind the scenes

She was voiced by Tara Strong and was credited as "attendant" in the credit.


"Carrot Bun" is a fan name used on fan sites, as she has no official name.


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