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"Hey, it's about the quest with your buds. Not the loot."
— Sandalwood[source]

Sandalwood was a student of Canterlot High and good friend to Micro Chips despite their differences. An athletic, peaceful and slightly geeky guy, Sandalwood could be irresponsible and reckless, but always friendly and easy-going.


Sandalwood may come from a wealthy family, or at least a very sociable one, as when he went to the Fall Formal, he dressed in a very elegant suit with expensive looking glasses.[1]

Sandalwood abided by the simple belief that "it's about the quest with your buds. Not the loot" which he demonstrated in his day-to-day life quite well and tended to get along quite well with others, with little interest in material goods. Though seemingly ditzy, Sandalwood has proven to be quite intelligent in a few ways and is an avid player of chess.[2] Aside from chess, Sandalwood is also a talented musician, with proficiency in drums.[3] Sandalwood is very spiritual and created a "spirit guide" with Micro Chips and Flash Sentry, though the latter attempted to make other things instead.[4]

Though he has little interest in material goods, he still does enjoy them on some level. This can be seen on the release date of Tirek's Revenge, a sequel to the hit game, Rise of Tirek. On its release, he waited in line for hours with his buddy, Micro Chips, in order to wait for its release.[5]

Sandalwood is a good-natured and easygoing guy. Even though his methods of having fun can get others lightly hurt by playing ball, he's very friendly and apologizes when others get hit. He's great friends with Micro Chips despite being worlds apart, calling him his "buddy". He seems to be well-acquainted with Sunset Shimmer and forgave her despite her bullying past. Despite his overall friendly, kind nature, he has shown the capacity to get angry at others for relatively petty reasons, to the point of getting into a heated argument with Micro Chips and Flash Sentry over a banner design.[4]


He developed a crush on Sunset Shimmer after she managed to achieve enlightment upon meditating in his Yoga yurt.[6]


  • Athletistim: Sandalwood was shown to be reasonable athletic and strong, much more than his fried, Microchip, at least.

Behind the scenes

Sandalwood was a blank slate character in his first several appearances, however, around the time Rainbow Rocks was released, he began to gain more of a personality. He notably played a fairly major role in the Rainbow Rocks film, as he was a founding member of the Eco-Kids band and dueled against Flash Drive, but lost horribly. His first, and arguably only, leading role was in the Friendship Games short, "A Banner Day", in which he was tasked to create a banner alongside Flash Sentry and Micro Chips.

Sandalwood is one of the few recurring, original, named and voiced characters in Equestria Girls not to be apart of the primary cast or portrayed as a villain. This is an honor he shares with Micro Chips, Lily Pad, Dirk Thistleweed and Ragamuffin.

Possible alternate name

A scene in the novelization of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games mentions a character named Cecil in Sandalwood's place. As the scene as describes Poindexter in the place of Micro Chips, it's possible that Cecil may be an alternative name for Sandalwood given by mistake.

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