Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship

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Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship is the first Equestria Girls hour-long (44 minutes) special, being followed up by Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship the following year. The special introduces the character Wallflower Blush and serves to flesh out Trixie Lulamoon's character,as before she was more or less just a gag character. The special also marks the second known instance where Sunset Shimmer traveled to the pony world.


Sunset Shimmer and her friends were goofing off around Canterlot High School when they eventually came in contact with a quiet and shy girl named Wallflower Blush. After the girls inadvertently ignored Wallflower, she grew angry and upset. Eventually, she had decided to user an artifact she found, the Memory Stone, to erase all the girls good memories of Sunset Shimmer to get back at her for always ignoring her.

The next day, the girls were at the beach, testing out the "Selfie-Sensing Camera". When Sunset finally arrived, the girls froze and acted antagonizing towards her. Sunset eventually discovered that the girls forgot they were ever friends to begin with. Making a bad situation even worse, Trixie began to "confirm" the girls suspicious that Sunset was merely pretending to be their friends in order to hurt them even more. Although she began to freak out, Sunset remembered to contact Twilight Sparkle. Under a structure on the beach, hidden from everyone else, Sunset asked Twilight if they were still friends. Twilight replied almost instantly with a hardly "of course", which reassured Sunset. Twilight grew worried for Sunset, wondering why'd she ask such a question and soon, the two met up in the Castle of Friendship. Sunset tried to hug Twilight, but as she grew to used to walking on human legs, she almost fell. Regardless, the two gave each other a warm and loving welcome and later met with Princess Celestia.

Twilight and Sunset were both worried about Celestia's reaction to seeing Sunset. As they were walking down the isle, Celestia watched them with a stern, angry face. Twilight tried to speak on Sunset's behalf but Sunset spoke up instead. After seeing how much she's grown and changed, Celestia warmly embraced Sunset and told her how much she missed her. Together, the three ponies went to the Canterlot library in order to find a book about the memory loss. Celestia informed the two of the Restricted section of the library, which almost had Twilight hyperventilate with excitement.

After hours of looking through every book in the library, Twilight eventually found one on the Memory Stone. Now confident with her newly earned discovery, Sunset traveled back to the human world to tell her friends...only for no one to believe her at all. Later, Sunset tried to confront Trixiie Lulamoon about the situation, believing her to be the true culprit behind the memories. After an argument, Trixie saw just how defeated and saddened Sunset truly was. Realizing that Sunset wasn't such a bad person, Trixie and Sunset bonded over how their self-perception didn't match the image everyone else saw them as. Together, the two became a team and tracked down every student and teacher in CHS to ask about the memory loss.

Eventually, they ran out of suspects but soon realized they missed one student, the mysterious Wallflower...who turned out to be in the room with them. Although their discussion started off cordial, if awkward, it soon took a turn for the worst when Sunset noticed the rock formation on Wallflower's computer being the same one she was tasked with destroying and thus tried to sneak around and steal Wallflower's bags. Upon realizing this, Wallflower used the memory stone to wipe the memories of Sunset and Trixie for the last few hours. Now at 3 PM, the two were trapped in a room with no memory of what happened, but Sunset remembered to check the video she filmed of the whole ordeal. Soon, the two remembered what transpired and attempted to escape the room. They did so, thanks to Trixie's magical powers, allowing Sunset to teleport outside of the room.

Now in the parking lot, Sunset tracked down Wallflower, who was running into the forest. After a brief confrontation, Wallflower snapped and tried to erase the high school memories Sunset's friends, who were also in the parking lot, but Sunset jumped in front of the spell. In doing so, Sunset lost all of her memories of the last several years, rendering her unable to recognize the world she was in, the people around her, and most horrifying of all, what happened to her entire body. She was soon confronted by her former friends, who, thanks to the Geodes, managed to recover Sunset's lost memories.

Sunset apologized to Wallflower for never being there for her and the two embraced one another. The following days, normacy returned to Canterlot High once again.





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