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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Cheerilee is a teacher at Canterlot High School. Though she seems to mostly interact with the Freshman classes, she actually teaches in Rainbow Dash's and Twilight Sparkle's class.


Cheerilee works for Canterlot High School and is one of the most well-known and active teachers there, being friends with the Canterlot Movie Club and Human Seven. When Twilight Sparkle first entered the Human world, Cheerilee was critical of her for her poor use of human technology, not realizing Twilight's true origins. She was also critical of the Canterlot Movie Club for using the library computers for their internet videos.[1]

On the last day of school, Rainbow Dash asked Cheerilee to play Daring Do vs. the Swamp Monsters for their last day, which Cheerilee gladly did.[2]


Just another day

Much like most of the adults featured in the first Equestria Girls film, Cheerilee's characterization has varied wildly and was generally more negative in her first appearance. In her debut, Cheerilee seemed to be burnt out, tired and annoyed of her students, but at least tried to put on a kind face. She seemed to have particular annoyance towards Twilight Sparkle for her horrible grasp on human culture but also seemed annoyed of the Canterlot Movie Club for their desires to become internet celebrities.

In her subsequent appearances, Cheerilee has displayed a personality much similar to her portrayal in the Pony world. She's kind, understanding, sweet and caring. Unlike her pony form though, she seems more naive and easy going, more willing to believe obvious lies or half-truths and not ask much questions, such as when Pinkie Pie lied about using the schools computers for her MyStable social media antics.

Cheerilee appears to be a fan of Daring Do films.[2]

In other media

IDW comics

Cheerilee appeared in "Happy Holidays".

She told Pinkie Pie to not go to MyStable on a school computer.


  • It's unknown whether or not this version of Cheerilee also has a twin sister.



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