Gloriosa Daisy

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Gloriosa Daisy
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
OccupationCamp counselor
ResidenceCamp Everfree
FamilySpruce family
Real world
VoiceEnid-Raye Adams
Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

Gloriosa Daisy was the sister of Timber Spruce and great-granddaughter of Old Spice and Dove. She, with her brother, were the co-counselors and owners of Camp Everfree. Though she was truly a kind and caring woman, her desire to protect her camp from Filthy Rich combined with her newly found magical abilities found in the Crystal Cave drove her insane and nearly hurt and destroyed the things she cared about most.


Camp Everfree

Gloriosa introducing herself to the campers

Virtually nothing was known of Gloriosa's life prior to Canterlot High School's field trip to Camp Everfree. She likely grew up with her brother and may have been more enthusiastic about the camp than he was, given how he wanted to sell it when he was a kid. Probably a few days or so prior to the time when CHS attended her camp, she was visited several times by Filthy Rich, who pressured her into selling the camp to him.

When the campers first arrived, she sparred no time in introducing herself as a fun, but responsible counselor who listened to feedback in a genuine desire to make sure their camping experience was the best. Though she did her best to present herself as an infallible kind and chipper woman, she was less than subtle with her chides and remarks towards her brother, though her bitterness went over the head of most campers.

Gloriosa had repeat trips to the Crystal Cave, often times at suspicious times. When Timber Spruce told the story of Gaia Everfree, she came out of the woods, scaring the campers with her presence. As it was later discovered by Sunset and Twilight Sparkle, she was secretly going in the Cave in order to gather the Geodes. She also banned any student from traveling to the Rock Quarry, so they may not follow her.

Gloriosa's chipper facade chipping away

Gloriosa did her best to please every camper, even when they came to her with stupid or unimportant request or problems, never displaying anger and annoyance, but sometimes let her tiredness and overworked exterior be shown - even if students never picked up on this. A good example of this could be see when she got clean clothes and towels ready for Applejack when she 'fell' into River, but was later swamped with problems from Sandalwood, Derpy and Snails.

During the campers stay, Gloriosa used her magic in attempts to make sure her campers had better experiences, but often ended up nearly hurting them instead, such as when she accidentally caused Derpy and Sandalwood to crash into the dock. Though she never admitted she was the one doing it, she always showed concern when things went awry.

Ultimately, Gloriosa was driven mad from her constantly stressed personality and used her magic to trap Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle in the Crystal Cave after using all the Geodes to become into a monstrous form of herself. She ensnared all of Camp Everfree with her magic, causing vines to cover all the buildings and structures, trapping the students. Before long however, she was stopped by the Equestria Girls who then gained her geodes.

Back to her senses, Gloriosa revealed a deeply insecure side of her personality, believing she was unfit to own the camp and almost wanted to sell it, sans ruin it even more than she did. However, when the others convinced her that she was wrong, she perked up, though was still saddened by the fact that she didn't have enough money to keep the camp. Upon hearing this, the Equestria Girls and others helped organize a fundraiser and concert which they held in the Crystal Cave.

Though still upset over her deeds, Timber Spruce helped cheer her up by hanging out with her at the dock.[1]

Later events

Pinkie Pie later mentioned her in her list of friends, and during the holiday season, she was seen hanging out with her brother at the Canterlot Mall.[2]


Gloriosa in her monster form

Gloriosa's personality was a mixed bag of being both incredibly sincere, yet also fake. Though she projected a persona of being almost nauseatingly chipper and upbeat, she was truly bitter and insecure, but at the same time, had a completely genuine desire to make sure all her campers had the best experience of their lives. She was generally caring and friendly, always prioritizing campers above herself and showed signs of being worried for them when her magic potentially caused harm to them, though being overworked caused her to show signs of being annoyed with some of her campers, namely Sandalwood, Derpy and Snails.

Though she loved her brother, she was very antagonistic towards him, putting him down, demeaning him and rarely showing him kindness until she became a human once again.


As a normal human, Gloriosa didn't have any magical powers of her own, but showed a remarkable ability to appear bright and chipper, even when miserable and stressed out. With the Geodes however, she gained the ability to control plants and seemingly to even create plants out of nowhere. These plants were incredibly tough and strong, able to withstand being chopped at by an axe and able to push sailboats with enough force to destroy a dock. At full power, she was able to effortlessly overcome the entirety of Camp Everfree with her vines.

In other media

IDW comics

Gloriosa Daisy as a pony

Gloriosa Daisy was a red-coated, red-mane, green-eyed Earth Pony. She was only known to exist in Eris' dimension and appeared at the Chaos Roadhouse in its casino. She appeared near Tirek.

Behind the scenes

Unlike her brother, she never became a truly recurring character and remained as only having one major appearance. This is likely because Timber became Twilight's boyfriend, while Gloriosa never had any special connection to any noteworthy character outside of her brother.


Films and specials



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