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Depending on who you ask Twily is a new comer to the franchise. Regardless, she has UNDOUTABLY left her mark on it. Being THE face of the brand for a whole decade, with prominence in the entire series only rivaled by her co-stars Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle's story is a rocky one of great highs and embarrassing lows. From the anti-social apprentice of Princess Celestia to the queen of Equestria to a geeky high school student, it's hard to think of something our favorite lavender dork hasn't done.

Usually a good-natured go-getter, Twilight in most of her incarnations is a bright, studious, caring, hard-working, and awkward young woman with a heart of gold but closed off nature. Rarely does a moment go by where she doesn't have her snout in a book, learning knowledge on a variety of fields, mostly worthless, though never be surprised when she breaks out a totally different skillset or spell for one story and one story only. Although generally heroic across the vast multiverse, a few of her incarnations are rather mean, if not downright nasty.

Twilight Sparkle was a character created by Lauren Faust, originally envisioned a "Twilight Twinkle" for My Little Pony Adventures. Despite this, she is sometimes considered an incarnation of Twilight.


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