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Canterlot is the capital city of Equestria. A city in the mountains, Canterlot is a cultural city with emphasis on education and sciences. Just to its east lays the Everfree Forest, a beloved natural landmark known for its gorgeous scenery and friendly atmosphere. Canterlot itself isn't quite as friendly as the forest or its ponified otherself but remains a generally safe city that many folks of different walks of life live in relative harmony.


A dirty alley in Canterlot

Canterlot is a highly industrial, mountainous city filled with people from all walks of life, from city folk to farm people. The city has an impressive skyline by the mountain summits that often silhouettes during sunset. The city is absolutely surrounded by mountains, mountains on almost each side, with a forest on the other. Equestria is a city of culture and education, with impressive museums, parks and schools throughout. Although generally seen as a good place to live, Equestria is like any other city and has its share of crime and grime. Although a fictional account, Sunset Shimmer wrote a story about a thief robbing a Jewelry Store, which may imply theft isn't out of the ordinary within the city.

Canterlot is home to at least three schools, Canterlot High School, Crystal Prep Academy and Cloudsdale Junior High. The city also has an impressive market street, filled with restaurants and other stores. In terms of stores themselves, Canterlot has a fair share of clothing stores, such as Prim Hemline's boutique and Stinky Bottom's Discount Hat Emporium, though the latter is seen as a joke by many. Canterlot has a strong cultural identity with several artists filling the streets. At one point, an artist named Flanksy painted several silhouettes in complete anonymity, with only one citizen knowing their true identity.


Canterlot most likely has a population of at least 50,000, as Equestria Land had 50,000 attendees and the vast majority, if not all of them, were likely from the city itself.[1]


Over 1,000 years ago, Starswirl the Bearded banished the Dazzlings the Human world, where they ended up in modern Canterlot.[2] Canterlot seems to be a popular place in fiction, or at least comics. Power Ponies seems to primarily take place in Canterlot,[3] and Sunset Shimmer once wrote a comic set in Canterlot.[4]


Education and science

Canterlot has a strong education sector, with two famous high schools, Crystal Prep Academy and Canterlot High School. The city seems to have several educational events, such as the Friendship Games. The city also has a number of scientific establishments, such as the Canterlot planetarium and Canterlot observatory.

Food and culture

Sweet Shoppe is a popular shop in Canterlot, at least among teenagers. The city seems to have a number of artistic locations, such as Prim Hemline's boutique. Also, street art is generally admired, as seen with the fame Flanksy managed to accomplish. Other popular food places include The Drip, Sweet & Sour and the Sushi restaurant.

Places of interest

A map of Canterlot







Alternate realities

This version of Canterlot is an alternate reality version of the city from the Friendship is Magic series. Outside of the obvious key difference, this version of Canterlot is a mountainous city that borders the Everfree Forest, while the mainline version of Canterlot is a city located on a mountain, several miles away from the Everfree Forest.


  • Although called Canterlot, this city has much more in common with Manehattan than Canterlot. Not only is it a highly industrial city with common architecture, but it also contains a Horsehead building, a symbol used on skyscrapers in Manehattan.
  • Instead of being on top of a mountain, this version of Canterlot is instead surrounded by many mountains.
  • Canterlot seems to be a distinctly small city for its status as a capital city. This is most likely due to the mountains and forests blocking city growth.


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