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AgeLikely Middle Aged
Vice Principal Luna

Celestia is the Principal of Canterlot High and older sister of Vice Principal Luna.


Early life

Celestia used to be a teacher at C.H.S.[1]


In her first appearance, Celestia was depicted as being a slightly apathetic teacher, seemingly annoyed or burnt out of the eccentric nature of her students, but reasonable, mature and kind nonetheless. In her subsequent appearances, Celestia has shown to be much more playful, jovial and cheerful, almost always with an upbeat smile on her face.

Celestia is brave and selfless, often attempting to protect her students from harms way whenever anything magical happens, though only being a human, she often can't do much. Celesita is very much a "day" person, she seems to have a fascination with sunlight and many of her hobbies and interest reflect it, such as her love for sun dials and gardening. This has put her at odds with her sister, but the two usually get along great.

Celestia is a champion for gender equality, as shown with challenging the rule that only males were allowed to play Blitzball. In spiteof her generally kind-hearted nature and easy-going personality, Celestia has been shown to find repetitve noises incredibly annoying and distracting to the point of getting angry over whose causing them.[1]





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