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Choose Your Own Ending episode
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Template:Animation Best Trends Forever is the first episode of Equestria Girls: Choose Your Own Ending.

Base story

Flash Sentry gives a weather forecast in "a flash", filled with the amount of cheesy puns as you can imagine, while Rarity gives a "trend forecast" afterwards with the help of Prim Hemline's style guide, but she didn't bring her guide.


Pinkie Pie's ending

Rarity says the forecast is "confetti", which puts Pinkie Pie in overload, causing her to spread confetti everywhere. After the show, Rarity, Twilight and Applejack all pitch in to clean up the confetti from the entire school. Afterwards, Principal Celestia congratulates them, but they missed one room, her office, which Pinkie Pie filled to the brim with confetti. Once Celestia opens the door and confetti covers the entire hallway, they all get detention.

Twilight Sparkle's ending

After Rarity says Smart Chic is the new trend, almost every student in CHS tries to be more like Twilight Sparkle. Though she doesn't mind this, she does grow annoyed of being asked many questions and harassed for small reasons. After she realizes it's Rarity's doing, she forgives her friend and they hug it out. Almost instantly, the new trend becomes Mysterious capes, and everyone ditches the smart chic look.

Rainbow Dash's ending

After Rarity says the new trend is Rainbow hair, the entire school begins to wear Rainbow wigs. Freaking out, Rarity begins to go insane as and recounts her day as it if t were a science fiction horror series. After she finally meets Rainbow Dash, Dash proclaims that she doesn't really know why, but everyone in the school looks awesome, causing Rarity to snap out of her trance.






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