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Tirek is a fctional character and mascot of the Tirek series of video games.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Tirek's first known appearance was in the game Rise of Tirek. After a presumed defeat, Tire appeared again with revenge in Tirek's Revenge. He appears to be the mascot of the series and is indeed, the face of at least Tirek's Revenge. It's implied he may be the player character, or playable in some capacity as Fluttershy mentioned she was looking forward to the revenge the player gets to perform in the game, but the details are unconfirmed. The game was said to be multiplayer, so it's possible that Tirek may have allies, or multiple enemies ready tot take him down.

Game appearances[edit]


Tirek is a large, rusted-red looking centaur with darkly orange horns and piercing red eyes.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Tirek is a multi-generational character who goes as far back as Gen 1 in Rescue at Midnight Castle, in which he served as the chief antagonist. Tirek became somewhat of an iconic pop-culture figure due to his appearance, presence and role and was often cited as being among the creepiest, scariest or coolest villains to come out of children's media. Due to his popularity, Tirek returned in Gen 4 and has sense appeared in Equestria Girls.

As the game is multiplayed and implied to be a Role-Playing game, it's possibly a homage to Diablo given the similar color scheme and character-named nature.



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