Timber Spruce

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Timber Spruce
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
AgeTeenager birth=
OccupationCamp Everfree counselor
FamilySister: Gloriosa Daisy
Great Grandfather: Old Spice
Great Grandmother: Dove
Real world
Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

Timber Spruce is a human teenager who lived at Camp Everfree his entire life. He and his sister, Gloriosa Daisy, are the descendants of the founders of Camp Everfree and thus the two hold the camp very near and dear to their hearts, though Gloriosa moreso than him.


Early life

When Timber was 10 years old, he wanted his parents to sell the camp so he could live in a town like normal kids. He especially wanted to hang out in a mall, but grew out of this phase.[1]

Personal life

Timber Spruce lives with his sister at Camp Everfree. They don't appear to live with any parents, or at least their parents don't seem to help them run the camp. For the most part, he gets along with his sister, but tensions rise in sressful situations due to their starkly different personalities and outlook on running the camp. Timber has a great relationship with his girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle. Not only do the two naturally get along, but they both stride to become better for one another. Timber learned about astronomy to impress her, while Twilight has attempted to learn more about typical social norms to communicate with him better. Twilight has also used her love for Timber to help create a robot companion for Spike. Although they get along, Twilight is still nervous around Timber.



Timber is a friendly and outgoing young man. He's very intelligent, and knowledgeable in natural sciences though seems to have a particular affinity towards gemstones. He also seems to speak a bit of Latin or just knows the etymology of various gemstones, given that he was able to tell Twilight the name origin of Sapphires. When Timber sets his mind to something, he tends to be capable of doing it, as he studied astronomy intensely in order to impress Twilight. Despite his intelligence and hard working nature, Timber can often come off as immature and self-absorbed, acting almost like a fratboy in some instances, such as when he introduced himself to the campers of Everfree.

Timber has an artistic side to him, he compared himself to Picasso when referring to his skills of macaroni art. He's also quite photogenic, given his stunning appearance in Twilight's picture of him. Timber has a knack for storytelling, able to tell fantastic stories in ways that convince others they're "legit".


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