Diamond Tiara (Equestria Girls)

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Diamond Tiara
EQG Diamond Tiara.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Education Canterlot High School
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot
Family Rich family
Parents Filthy Rich
Real world
Voice actor Chantal Strand
First My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Diamond Tiara is a a close friend of Silver Spoon and Freshman at Canterlot High. She's the only known daughter of Filthy Rich.


Tiara is a student at Canterlot High in her Freshman years. Her only real friend is Silver Spoon. She's a very rich and spoiled little girl with an abrasive and rude attitude.

Diamond Tiara bumped into Twilight Sparkle by accident, though didn't care that she did while Silver Spoon blindly followed her. She stood by as Twilight fell with no reaction. At lunch time, she ate with Silver Spoon in the Canterlot High cafeteria though got a call on her phone. She ate rice while Silver Spoon ate a hot dog. The next day, she got a fruit snack with her lunch and once again sat alone with Silver Spoon. Surprisingly, she got into the song and dance the Mane Six were performing and started to dance along with her pony ears. At the Fall Formal, she danced with Silver Spoon. After the Mane Six vs Sunset Shimmer, she looked at the destruction with a darkly gleeful face. At the second dance, she danced with Silver Spoon and got a little freaked out by Twilight's crazy dance moves.[1]





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