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Wiz Kid
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
ResidenceCanterlot, Equestria
Partner(s)Template:Curly Winds
Real world
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

"Wiz Kid" is a student of Canterlot High, boyfriend of Curly Winds.


Personal life

Wiz Kid is an artistic and scientifically minded young man with a passion for mathematics and scultping. He's a member of the Art club, alongside Watermelody, Rose Heart and Golden Hazel. He appears to be a typically friendly, helpful person and didn't hesitate to try to undo the vandalism Snips and Snails in order to frame Twilight Sparkle.

Wiz Kid has a few unexpected friendships. Most notably is his friendship with the jock Curly Winds. Despite the two having wildly different personalities, they have an extremely close maybe romantic friendship with one another. They're always shown hanging out with one another and do various activities together, however the extent of their friendship was seen in the sinking of the Lux Deluxe where Curley Winds carried Wiz Kid to safety as the ship sunk into the ocean.

Wiz Kid also seems to be friends with Rose Heart and Velvet Sky, as they're all very artsy teenagers. He and Velvet Sky in particular worked on an art project together at one point. Notably, Wiz Kid danced with Rose Heart during a song about best friends being sung by The Rainbooms, hinting at a close bond.

Behind the scenes


Wiz Kid is a fan name. He otherwise has no given name. It was believed by fans that he was the Human version of Featherweight at first, however as none of the original background humans were intended to be humanized ponies (with the exception of Derpy and Vinyl Scratch), this was disprove. He shares this fate with Cloudy Kicks, who was thought to be Cloudkicker.


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