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Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
EducationCanterlot High School
FamilySnails' family
AffiliationHip-Hop Club
MC Snips and Snazzy Snails
Real world
VoiceRichard Ian Cox
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

"Friendship means never having to say 'high-five'."
— Snails' philosophy regarding friendship[source]

Snails, also known as the "Greatest Artistic Genius of the Generation"[1] is the bumbling, but good-natured punching bag of Canterlot High School. Although a former lackie of Sunset Shimmer, Snails is not a bad kid, merely weak-willed. He's best friends with Snips, sharing a brotherly-bond with him as the two do basically everything with one another, even riding Ferris Wheels. A musical soul, Snails is an aspiring rapper and proud member of the Hip-Hop Club. He's also a talented armpit flatulist!

Despite the harm he's done, he's good friends with Pinkie Pie, the Canterlot Movie Club and Big McIntosh.


Demons of CHS

Biggest Meanies!

Apparently, for the last three years or so, Snails was considered one of the meanest students of Canterlot High School, alongside Snips and Sunset. During the party planning, Snails burst into the Gym along with Snips and Sunset to attempt to intimidate Twilight and the others. Snips tried to burst a balloon with Twilight's face on it, but failed miserably. In spite of his laughable effort, Snails still tried to act tough in front of the girls, with a stereotypical "bouncer" type pose. Later, Snails, same with Snips, somehow found himself wrapped up in various confetti wrappers as he marched back to Sunset in a hallway, after she threatened Twilight Sparkle. Sunset unwrapped Snails. While in the hallway, Sunset ordered the two to start filming everything Twilight Sparkle does with their phones. Now in the library, the puny duo begin to film Twilight failing at basic human tasks, like using the computer or picking up books.

Sometime later, they sent the videos back to Sunset Shimmer who uploaded them online to mock Twilight and make her look like an idiot. Later, Twilight tried to get the help of Rainbow Dash, who only agreed to help her if she beat her in a game of soccer. Of course, Snips and Snails took several photos of Twilight failing at soccer for their next devious plan. Despite their apparent hatred of Twilight, Snips and Snails got into the song her friends sung and wore Wondercolts merchandise as they danced together. Angry at her lackies, Sunset Shimmer came up with a truly sinister plan for them.

Demon Snails

Afterwards, the trio thrashed the gym and used the photos they took of Twilight at soccer as resources to frame her for the vandalism, but cutting her out and pasting her onto the pictures. The plan didn't really go anywhere, however, as Flash Sentry proved her innocence and later, various students helped clean up the vandalism. During all of this, Snips and Snails were both trapped in a closet, but were eventually freed by an increasingly desperate Sunset Shimmer. Later that night, Snips and Snails, now wearing top hats, snuck into the Formal and as Twilight was being crowned the Fall Formal princess, the duo kidnapped Spike. They were, of course, soon confronted by the Equestria Girls and Spike managed to get freed The two chased the dog but ended up getting pushed aside by Sunset. Despite this act, they remained loyal to hurt. Snips got into a brief fight with Rainbow Dash and lost. After Sunset Shimmer had used the power of the Element of Magic to turn herself into a demon, she turned both Snips and Snails into demons as well. Despite this, Snips nor Snails didn't factor in the ensuing battle to much and were stopped within minutes. Afterwards, Snips and Snails had to help repair the damage they caused while the other students returned to their dances.

Snazzy Snails

Snails taking pictures with his friends

At some point, he and Snips' rode on a Ferris Wheel together.[2] After the incident of becoming demons, Snails seemed to have reverted to his true personality more, becoming much friendlier and kinder. He seemed to hang out frequently with the Canterlot Movie Club and Big McIntosh and took pictures together with them. Around this time, he also seemed to develop a new follower-type relationship with Trixie Lulamoon, who was ready to take advantage of Snails' loyal but weak-willed personality.

However, after the Dazzlings arrived at school, Snips and Snails were soon put under their spell and acted very aggressively towards Photo Finish and Flash Sentry. After the Battle of the Bands was proposed and accepted, Snips and Snails both auditioned as MC Snips and Snazzy Snails, an infamously bad Hip-Hop duet. Strangely though, their songs were enjoyed by one Sonata Dusk. Later, the two decided to play dirty and put the spotlight directly on Fluttershy, knowing that putting all the attention on her would cause the shy girl to freak out. However, during the actual games, Snips and Snails were defeated by Bulk Biceps, whose classical violin blew the two away, literally.

Friendship Games

Snails didn't participate in the Friendship Games, but still attended the various events for it, such as in the chairs witnessing some of the events. During the dance, he danced near Lightning Blue and Lemon Zest. After the games, his dancing seemed to embarrass Diamond Tiara and later, he played a prank on Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon by blowing up a paper bag near then while they were sleeping in the library.

Camp Everfree

Last days of school

Snails waited in line for the release of Tirek's Revenge with Snips.[3] When Applejack and Rainbow Dash were competing to see who could be in the most clubs, Applejack joined his Ogres and Oubliettes session as he role-played as a Dwarf.[4] Sometime later, he played a video game with Snips at school.[5] When the temperature rose, he and Snips hung out at the beach.[6]


A die-hard fan of the Dazzlings, Snails attended the Starswirl Music Festival with Snips. There, Snails hung out with several different kids, possibly indicating his circle of friends may have grown since his last major outing. He tried to convince the male security guard to let him and Snips through to get an autograph from the two girls, but was denied on every day in the time loop.[7]

After Snips' lost his earbuds, he believed Snails abandoned him. When Applejack found the poor boy by himself, she offered to become his friend, until Snails finally returned, who had apparently been looking all over for his best friend. Along the way, Snips befriended Dirk Thissleweed, a musician performing at Starswirl and together, the three went to the concert with Snips and Snails hugging it out.[1]


To be written[8]


Snails enjoyed table-top games

A few years ago, Snails was Sunset Shimmer's lackie as she was voted the meanest person in school in her freshman year.[9] At some point, Snails joined the Hip-Hop Club alongside Snips and Pinkie Pie.[4] Although not "good", he is very passionate about his music and entered the Battle of the Bands with Snips as a rap duet.[10] He's also a fan of role-playing and portrays a dwarf alongside an elf, Sir McBiggun and a wizard.[4] Snails is apart of Pinkie Pie's chemistry class, and surprisingly, often has much more sense and scientific know-how than her, apparently urging her not to perform seemingly dangerous experiments. Although she doesn't listen, she still cherishes their influences, proclaiming that she couldn't do it without their help. In spite of her nature, Snails values Pinkie Pie as a good friend and merely weakly smiled at her after an explosion she caused.[11]

Snails often follows the latest trends, adopting the "glasses" and "rainbow" looks as soon as Rarity said they were "in".[12][13] Although dim-witted, Snails at least tries to employ critical thinking in his day-to-day life, such as when he questioned Gloria Daisy's transformation,[14] and Pinkie Pie's chemistry mishaps.[11] He's an overall good-natured kid, if ab impish and mischievous one who loves to pray pranks on others, such as when he used a bag to make a loud noise to wake up Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon,[10] but sometimes his pranks tend to go to far. Despite being cowardly himself, he is sometimes seen as the "leader" of his circle of friends and often has to protect his friends, such as when Snips and Bulk Biceps hid behind him for cover after they heard the legend of Gaea Everfree.[14]

Snails does pretty much everything with Snips, such as riding Ferris Wheels,[2] going to camp,[14] playing pranks,[10] playing video games[3] and performing acts of vandalism.[15] Despite this, there have been several times where Snips has been seen alone, implying that they aren't as inseparable as they may seem. Snails is a fan of video games, he owns a handheld gaming device and waited in line for the release of Tirek's Revenge, implying he may also be a fan of role-playing video games as well as table-top ones.[3]


Snails has a lanky figure, he's skinny and fairly tall for his age. His skin has a slightly orange coloring and his eyes are pitch black. He has a head of big, green hair with spiky spots near the back, but is mostly flat. His typical outfit is a green jacket with a snail graphic over a red shirt with beige pants. Most of his other outfits are variation on this basic scheme - green shirt with beige pants. An exception to this rule is his fall outfit, which is a white jacket with a golden music note graphic with dark brown pants.


Snails speaks in an incredibly thick Canadian accent and rarely, if ever, uses big words. In general, he doesn't talk nearly as much as his best friend. His speech pattern is simple and to-the-point and he has no problem saying what he wants to say.



The two hugging one another

Snips is Snails' best friend and the two do pretty much everything together, from plotting evil plans to riding on a Ferris wheel as best friends. Together, the two founded a rap duet entitled "MC Snips and Snazzy Snails" and later acted as founding members of the Hip-Hop club. The two really seem to care about one another and genuinely love spending time together but aren't as inseparable as one may assume. For example, Snips seems to have much more of a life than Snails and does a lot of things Snips does not, while Snails is rarely seen doing anything Snips without Snips.

The two care deeply for each other and aren't afraid to show it, often shown hugging and enjoying each others company. When Snips' thought Snails abandoned him, he was deeply hurt and though he pretended that he hated Snails, the moment he found his buddy again, the two embraced one another and Snails explained that he was looking everywhere for Snips. Later, the two hugged again backstage at Dirk Thissleweed's concert.[16]

Pinkie Pie

Snips, Snails and Pinkie Pie

"Couldn't have done it without you guys!"
— Pinkie Pie to Snips and Snails

Outside of Snips, Pinkie Pie seems to be one of Snails' best friends. They're both members of the Hip-Hop Club[4] and work together in Chemistry Class. Pinkie Pie seems to really appreciate Snails' despite his flaws, and despite the fact that he acts as the voice of reason in their chemistry assignments (which is horrifying). She proudly proclaimed that she couldn't make her jalapeño supernova cupcake frosting without his and Snips' help and even though they were tired and dazed, they still smiled at her, implying they also appreciated her in spite of her flaws.[11]

Sunset Shimmer

Throughout their early days at school, Snails was a loyal follower of Sunset Shimmer, doing her every command for seemingly no reason. He didn't appear to have any romantic interest in her, so it's unclear why he so blindly followed her, though it's possible he did it as to not get bullied himself. He willingly took her abuse with a smile on his face and carried out any task she put him through. After Sunset's redemption, the two stopped interacting very often so their current relationship is unclear. Sunset doesn't seem to care much for them, however and seems to find them annoying.

Trixie Lulamoon

After Sunset Shimmer, Snails seemed to have moved on towards Trixie Lulamoon as his next "leader". Though she doesn't put him through as harmful tasks, she still makes him do petty stuff for her, such as fan her while she's sunbathing. They're also members of the Role-playing club and regularly role-play together.

Dirk Thissleweed

Dirk Thissleweed and Snails were good friends. They met at Starswirl and quickly became friends with Dirk considering Snails the greatest comedic genius of his generation and invited him over for backstage at his concert.

Other friends

Snails was shown to be friends with Wiz Kid and the two hung out together at the Music festival and laughed at Pinkie Pie's antics. He also spent time with Ginger Owlseye, possibly showing they were friends too.

Behind the scenes


Snails is, surprisingly, one of the few characters who appeared in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls that was already based off a character from Friendship is Magic, while the vast majority of characters who made their debut in that film being original creations. Snails is also one of the most recurring characters in the series, and has played noteworthy roles in nearly every film and special, though does not appear as much in the digital media series or novels. His appearances in the comics are also few and far between. In the English dub, he's voiced by Richard Ian Cox, while in the Japanese dub, he's voiced by Akira Ishida.


Snails kidnapping Spike. Something Snails (probably) wouldn't due in his current characterization

Like pretty much every character who debuted in the original Equestria Girls film, Snails' personality has made a noticeable evolution throughout the series. In his initial appearance, Snails was shown to be a surprisingly violent, mean young man, willing to abuse animals and commit acts of severe vandalism just because he's told to, while his later appearances tend to play up his more comedic, friendly and kind side. This may be because Snails' character was not very fleshed out by the time the original film came out, while later Friendship is Magic media developed Snails into a genuinely kind-hearted pony.

Likewise, Snails' personality has departed from his original counterpart and became more-or-less its own thing. While the original Snails was interested with fame and being "cool", this Snails has embraced his nerdier side and enjoys role-playing and playing video games. In some ways, his personality has filled the void that Spike filled in Friendship is Magic, such as being the RPG-buddy of Big McIntosh and the resident geek-boy character, since the other major male characters did not quite fit that niche. Still, he's a hopeless admirer of Trixie Lulamoon though the reasoning for his admiration of her has yet to been revealed.

He seems to be more intelligent than his pony counterpart as well, applying more critical thought to his day-to-day life, but at the same time doesn't appear to be as self-aware either and doesn't seem to ever truly question his place in the world as his original did.


Snails' name is derived from the nursery rhyme, What Are Little Boys Made Of? In particular, his name is derived from the lyric, Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, that's what little boys are made of!. Furthermore, his name may be further a reference to The Powerpuff Girls, a show Lauren Faust worked on before Friendship is Magic, as the opening of that show opened with a slightly modified version of the rhymes second, and more iconic, verse, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, That's What Little Girls are Made Of.







Voice actors


  • Snips and Snails are some of the few named characters from the original film to not appear in the Equestria Girls comic story in any form. The other being Principal Celestia and the Cake couple.
  • Snails is voiced by Richard Ian Cox, the Ocean dub voice for Goku in Dragon Ball Kai. Saffron Henderson, voice actress for Lofty, portrayed Goku in the BLT dub of Dragon Ba and portrayed his son, Gohan, in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z


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