Lemon Zest

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Lemon Zest
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
EducationCrystal Prep Academy
Real world
DesignerKora Kosicka?
VoiceShannon Chan-Kent

Lemon Zest is a student at Crystal Prep Academy.


In stark contrast to her fellow students at Crystal Prep Academy, Lemon Zest is lighthearted, silly, lax and easygoing. Out of every member of Twilight Sparkle's class, she was easily the most friendly, but she was still far more interested in herself than others. Despite her silly nature, she was nonetheless a member of the Crystal Prep Academy Friendship Games team, meaning that she was a skilled athlete in her own regards. While on the bus ride to Canterlot High School, she let Twilight Sparkle listen to her music. Out of all the students there, she seemed to be the only one Twilight could at least somewhat comfortably talk to.

When she finally made it to the school, she and the rest of her friends formed the Shadowbolts and competed in the games. Though she did surprisingly well in the science section of the games, she lost in the spelling bee when she had to spell "Munchousenism".

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