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OccupationVice Principal
EducationCanterlot High School
Real world
VoiceTabitha St. Germain
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Vice Principal Luna is the current vice principal (as of Twilight Sparkle's visit) of Canterlot High School, as well as former student of the school.


Early life and teenage years

Canterlot High School, where Luna spent her teenage years

Luna presumably grew up in Canterlot and is about 3 years younger than her sister, as she was a Freshman when Celestia was a Senior. The two lived in the same house growing up and often got in fights, but loved each other nonetheless. During middle-school, she was best friends with Night Sky, who she would bake cookies with and laugh over the tiniest of things, though her friend went to school at Crystal Prep Academy instead of CHS. In her teenage years, Luna considered herself to be an introvert, a term she learned from her guidance counselor and didn't join any clubs in her first months at Canterlot High School.

She quickly became friends with two girls named Seasons and Galaxy, who encouraged Luna to try out for A Light in Time, a play about fairies who must save a cursed prince. After Principal Potts announced the first annual Friendship Games, Luna looked forward to meeting Night Sky once again.

After Celestia became the school president, Luna joined the Planning Committee to help manage the Friendship Games. Much to her luck and joy, Night Sky had also taken a role in the Planning Committee of her school.

Later, Luna went downtown to pick up some fabrics for the school when she decided to look for Night Sky, who she thought would've been doing the same thing. To her luck, she found her and Night Sky's friends, but Night Sky ignored her, causing Luna to fall into a deep depression and not really care about the Friendship Games anymore.

Her disposition changed when students from CPA vandalized the Wondercolt statue. Angry, Luna wanted to march towards CPA to berate the students for not knowing the meaning of friendship, kindness and generosity, especially after Celestia and her friends were so polite and kind towards them, even baking cookies. In her diary, Luna wrote about how Celestia tried her best to calm the situation, but lost favor among her students for not jumping to conclusions. Together, the two sisters tried to clean the statue but Celestia would later lament that the paint they used was really strong.

After the ordeal, Luna called Nigh Sky and confirmed that she did see her at the fabric store, but Night Sky couldn't afford to be seen with the enemy, hurting Luna once again. Around this time, she also heard Hurricane, a popular sportsperson and senior who ran against Celestia in the election, talking about showing CPA what CHS was made of. A little while later, students got 'revenge' at CPA by throwing CHS's colors at the school, causing the games to be canceled. Luna and Celestia launched their own 'investigations' to see who did it, but no one came forward.

Sometime later, the Canterlot Gazette reported false information, resulting in CHS gaining a bad reputation, something Luna saw firsthand at a picnic with three women talking bad about her beloved school.

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Adulthood and career

Luna, Celestia and their friend, Cranky Doodle founded a little group called the "Starswirlers" and would travel to the Starswirl Music Festival every year for quite some time.


Hanging out with her friends

Luna often complimented her sisters more jovial personality with more grounded and serious minded behavior. She is an introverted person who prefers the night over the day, but is still outgoing enough and tolerates the day to go to concerts with her friends. Her circle of friends doesn't appear to be very wide, only seeming to consist of her sister and Cranky Doodle, who she loves to hang out with and goes to the Starswirl Music Festival with. Despite her gruff and 'creepy' exterior, she's kind-hearted and cares deeply for the students of her school and, like her sister, was willing to defend them at Camp Everfree.

Behind the scenes


Like almost all the characters in the show, Luna's age is kept vague, however clues of her age have been shown. When Luna was in Freshman class, making her around 14 years old, Celestia described Principal Cinch to be "really young". As Cinch looks to be fairly old by the time of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, it can be assumed that at least 20–30 years have since passed, making Luna around 34-44, likely on the lower end of that spectrum.


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