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Snips is a student at Canterlot High and best friend to Snails.[1]



Snips is a Freshman in Canterlot High, pinning his age around 14-16. He's best friends with Snails who both served as Sunset Shimmers henchmen.[1]

Rise and fall of Sunset Shimmer

Not the brightest tools in the shed, nor the most independent, Snips and Snails followed Sunset Shimmer along as a loyal lackie, terrorizing the school as her idiotic followers in any way they could. He accompanied her when she burst her way into the gym to berate Pinkie Pie for her over the top decorations, where he tried to rip apart her streamers though failed miserably. Poor Snips tried to appear as a bodyguard of sorts, striking 'tough guy' poses along with his friend Snails, though it was clear hardly anyone took him seriously in any regard. For their efforts, Snips and Snail were ensnared in wrappings of streamers and had to be saved by Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer commanded the dimwits to spy on Twilight Sparkle in the library. Using his trusty phone, Snips recorded Twilight's bad attempts at appearing human. Highfiving one another, Snips and Snails later gave the clips to Sunset Shimmer, who uploaded the video to the internet in order to embarrass Twilight.[1]

Snips and Snails would later wreck the Fall Formal, causing it to be delayed. Sunset was upset with just how much they wrecked it, saying they should've used some restraint, but ultimately didn't punish them. Using the clips they took during Twilight's attempt at playing soccer against Rainbow Dash, Snips, Snails and Sunset Shimmer pinned the destruction on Twilight Sparkle, which almost made her unable to run for the Fall Formal Princess. At the Fall Formal, Snips and Snails now wearing top hats, kidnapped Spike in order to distract Twilight. Furious, Twilight and her friends chased down Snips and Snails out into the courtyard. The two delinquents held Spike hostage. After giving up Spike, Snips played keep away with the Element of Magic, trying to keep it away from Twilight and her friends. After a one-sided fight with Rainbow Dash, Snips managed to hold the crown briefly, but had it taken by Pinkie Pie. After Sunset Shimmer used the power of the crown and turned into a demon, she transformed Snips and Snails into demons as well. In spite of their ferocious powers, they were quickly defeated. After the scuffle, they were forced to help repair the school by pacing bricks in the various holes their battle caused.[1]


Snips is a short, chubby kid with light, gray-blue skin and orangery red hair. He has a round, fat head and buckteeth and dark brown eyebrows.


Dumb, yet loyal, Snips served as Sunset Shimmer's servant, though he seemed to act more like a bodyguard. From his body language and actions, it's clear he tried to appear as the muscle of her group, but lacked any notable level of strength, in fact he was quite weak. Whether or not he was malicious or just plain idiotic, Snips performed rather cruel acts, such as spying on Twilight Sparkle, recording her without permission or even her knowing, wrecking the gym and placing the blame on her and even kidnapped Spike, who he believed was just a regular puppy. Although easily manipulated, Snips did display some level of cleverness and self-restraint, being able to sneak around without getting caught and film Twilight at good angles.[1]

After Sunset Shimmer learned the magic of friendship, his relationship with her seemed to have disappeared. Without her influence, Snips was shown to be a fairly friendly, dumb and self-absorbed guy.


Snips was very close friends with Snails. The two did almost everything together, good and bad. They were shown to be affectionate towards one another too, giving each other praise and high fives when they did something impressive or that took a lot of work.


Skills and traits

  • Determination: Snips has shown to be very determined in order to fulfill his goals.[1]

Demon powers

  • Flight: Snips gained the ability to fly when he was a demon.[1]





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