Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks

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Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks is the second book in the Canterlot High Stories series. It takes place after the events of Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Rainbow Dash Brings the Blitz.

Publishers summary

Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy are coming together for the first-ever Canter-Crys science fair! While Twilight Sparkle loves science, she's nervous about seeing her old classmates again-that is, until she discovers that she's been partnered with a charming new Crystal Prep boy named Rising Star. But as Twilight falls under his spell while they create their own party mood modificator, Flash Sentry, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest of her friends suspect Rising Star is up to something wicked. Will Twilight's project win first prize...or cause chaos at Canterlot High?


Chapter 1: Signing Up, or Sitting Out

"Twilight Sparkle thought she might feel some loyalty for her old school, but since she'd walked out of the gates of Crystal Prep she hadn't looked back. Canterlot High had been exactly what she was looking for. [...] Here, she had a whole group of friends, people who cared about her and wanted her to be happy, no matter what"
— Narration

While in Miss Hibiscus's math class, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie fantasize about going to the nearby candy store, "Sweet and Sour". Afterwards, they heard a transmission from the schools speaker system about an upcoming change in schedule. Wanting to push a friendlier relationship between Canterlot High School and Crystal Prep Academy, Principal Celestia announced that instead of a typical science fair, the two schools would have the Canter-Crys, a combined science fair in which students from C.H.S. and C.P.A would team up. This, of course, left a bad taste in many students mouths, as no one wanted to work with students of C.P.A. Twilight was especially nervous to potentially be paired with a student who was still angry with her over the Midnight Sparkle incident.

Chapter 2: Show Your Talent

Afterwards, Applejack, Rainbow and Twilight were having a picnic at the Wondercolt statue, Applejack was discussing what she wanted to invent for the fair, a machine that can tell when you're upset and cheer you up. As AJ and Dash discussed the fair, Twilight grew increasingly uncomfortable. When Twilight announced she didn't want to sign up for the fair, her friends grew worried for her. Twilight wanted to change the mood, so her two friends attempted to change conversation, but it didn't work out. Soon, Twilight left her friends to speak with Principal Celestia. As Twilight discussed the fair with Celestia, she grew confident enough to sign up for the fair.

Chapter 3: Wish Upon a Star

Making sure she didn't feel uncomfortable, Sunset Shimmer and Applejack made sure to stick by her and comforted her until they had to leave and pair up with their own partners. Applejack got paired with Lotus, while Sunset with Ember. Fearing she'd get paired with Sage, a boy who always forgot her name, or worse, Twilight was pleasantly surprised to be paired with a new face. That was, a friendly young man named Rising Star, who wore an untucked shirt and cheerful, cute smile. Twilight and Rising Star hit it off almost instantly and both agreed to make a machine that helps make parties happier called the "Party Mood Modificator". Twilight grew a little sad that Rising Star only transferred to the school recently, thinking if he had moved earlier, she could've had a friend at C.P.A.

Chapter 4: Detective Sentry on the Case!

Flash lamented as he was placed with a guy named Blaze. He only joined the fair to impress Twilight and grew increasingly jealous of Rising Star for being "smart and kind and comically handsome". His obvious lack of dedication towards the project annoyed his partner, Blaze, who just rolled his eyes at Flash's obvious ulterior motives.

Chapter 5: The Writing on the Chalkboard

Flash followed Rising Star all the way to his house. There, he continued to watch him through his windows as the boy got a bowl of popcorn and fizzy drink to enjoy. Flash began to believe that perhaps Rising Star was in all honesty just a good kid, until he noticed Rising Star holding a list that mentioned the brainwashing of all of Canterlot High School. Not wanting this to happen, Flash jet off to prevent the disaster.

Chapter 6: Rising Star's Secret

Back at school, Flash ran to warn Sunset Shimmer of Rising Stars secret. When he met her and the other girls, he told them what he had just witnessed at his house. Although this caused lots of confusion, the girls believed Flash and offered their hands to help him save the school. Rarity and Pinkie Pie were particularly disappointed to learn of Rising Star's secret.

Chapter 7: A Little Bit Evil

Now at the library, Flash tried to warn Twilight about Rising Star. He didn't expect Twilight to see him and greet him, however. Put on the spot, Flash froze while Sunset tried to step up and drag Twilight out with an question about Blitzball. This distraction didn't last long, and Flash eventually blurt out that Rising was an "evil demon". Upon hearing these words, Twilight was instantly reminded of her days as Midnight Sparkle. With tears in her eyes, Twilight thought of running off, not wanting the others to see her cry.

Chapter 8: The Proof is in the Papers

Twilight packed up and left the library with Sunset Shimmer following behind her. Soon, the two girls met at Sweet and Sour and discussed what Flash meant by "evil demon". Although upset, when Twilight realized she took Rising's notes instead, she saw the notes that Flash was talking about. Realizing Rising was probably just as evil as Flash realized, Twilight and Sunset decided to put a stop to it, but Twilight soon realized that if she had Rising Star's papers, then he had hers.

Chapter 9: Science Fair Sabotage

Flash and the girls were at Sunset Shimmer's house discussing what to do with Rising. During the conversation, Twilight got a message from Rising Star about the notes. Twilight couldn't help but think how sweet and kind Rising seemed and struggled to reply but. She played along with the plan, pretending to still be on his side as they exchanged texts.

Chapter 10: The Canterlot Eight

The girls snuck into C.P.A. dressed in Crystal Prep uniforms and began the search for the machine. Soon, they came across it and thought about destroying it, right as they did, Rising Star appeared in front of them with an unhappy expression.

Chapter 11: A Message for Crystal Prep

The girls surrounded Rising Star as Flash came out of nowhere to tackle the young man and wrestled him to the ground. Slowly, the girls realized that Rising Star wasn't evil as he explained his half of the story. He did want to brainwash a school, his school, into being kinder, nicer and friendlier. However, he realized he was wrong in the end. Twilight was disappointed with him, but realized his intentions were pure and forgave him. Realizing they didn't have much time for the fair, Twilight came up with an idea that would benefit everyone involved.

Chapter 12: Get up and Dance

The following day, the girls, Flash and Rising Star met up in Rising Stars garage to test out the machine with music, and thus the girls brought their band equipment. Flash and Sunset brought their partners, Blaze and Ember, while Applejack left her partner, Lotus, to do her own thing. While the machine began to do its thing Twilight and co began to play a song as The Rainbooms. Fluttershy interrupted their performance to invite Blaze, Ember, Rising, and Flash to sing alongside them, allowing the group to grow closer.

Chapter 13: Movin' and Grovin'

Now at the science fair, many of the teams showed off their projects, or made last minute tweaks to theirs. Flash and Blaze's project went over well, while countless other students showed off theirs. The highlight was Foggy Blue's, who created a robotic dog. Soon, Twilight and co began to show off the Party Mood Modificator. As they described it, Celestia, Luna and Cadance all grew increasingly interested in it, while Cinch dismissed it. As they turned it on, the effects began to kick in, but slowly, with even Cinch starting to dance, though she tried to force herself not to.

Chapter 14: Save a Dance

The machine worked like a charm and the the judges were dancing, doing the "Lawnmower". After the machine died down, Luna and Cadance were nervous and embarrassed while Cinch was horrified at the machines capabilities. Soon, the scare died down and Luna and Cadance grew appreciative of the machines abilities. Afterwards, the team had to wait it out to see who won. Flash apologized to Twilight for what he said to her, but Twilight admits she forgave him, and thinks he's "perfect".

Chapter 15: Whose Going to Space Camp?

Finally, the judges began to read out the winners of the contest. Third place went to Evening and Moonshadows, who did a project on microwave radiation. Second place went to Twilight and Rising Star, and first place went to Foggy Blue and Hornet with their work on the Robot Dog. Though disappointed, Twilight and others soon got over their grief, taking solace in the fact that Foggy Blue's project really was cooler than theirs. Rising Star, showing his flaws, was a bit of a sore loser, which got a laugh out of Twilight and Flash, who began to dance the night away.










Continuity errors

  • The strong emphasis on a potential Flash Sentry and Sci-Twi romance subplot and their individual character arcs are very contradictory with Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree.
    • Twilight mentions or thinks on a number of occasions that she always thought of of Flash as "a good friend", "maybe more than a friend" and "perfect". However, in Legend of Everfree, Twilight hardly even knew Flash. This can't take place after the special either, as it would contradict Flash's character arc within that film, getting over Twilight as she wasn't the Twilight he fell in love with.
    • In addition, Twilight's character arc in the book is getting over the fact that she was ever Midnight Sparkle and eventually copes with the fact that she was, but that's in the past. However, Legend of Everfree has essentially the same character arc for her.


  • Twilight Sparkle was on Crystal Prep's debate team, and was apparently a legendary member.
  • Princess Luna showed a more nervous side, apparently refusing to dance in certain events as she felt like everyone was watching her.
  • Twilight was revealed to have "trigger words" for lack of a better term, as the mere mention of the words "evil demon" gave her bad flashbacks of the "Midnight Sparkle" incident. The effect is strong enough to reduce her to tears.
  • Flash Sentry was shown to have a crush on Sci-Twi and vice versa, though this is retconned in other stories.
  • Sunset Shimmer is shown to be a fan of sour gummy foods.
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