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Flash Sentry
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
FamilySentry family
AffiliationFlash Drive
Real world
VoiceVincent Tong
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

Flash Sentry is a student at Canterlot High. The ex-boyfriend of Sunset Shimmer and former Fall Formal Prince, Flash Sentry has proven himself to be a good help to the girls on their many adventures, even if he doesn't participate in even half of them. Good-natured and always friendly, Flash is an optimist who believes in the virtues of loving your fellow man and always tries help others. In spite of this he doesn't appear to have many close friends nor much of a social life. His family life is almost completely unknown.


Early life[edit]

Much of Flash's early life is unknown. At some point in the past, he dated Sunset Shimmer but has since broken up with her.

The girl from another world[edit]

Flash helping Twilight

Flash appeared to be a rather infamous figure at CHS when Twilight Sparkle first journeyed to his world. Not because of his personality, but because of his romantic history as the ex-boyfriend of Sunset Shimmer. To the other girls, this gave him an undesirable status - date him and feel the wrath of Sunset Shimmer. He didn't seem much fazed by this however, and remained a sweet and friendly student. He first met Twilight Sparkle when she accidentally fell on her face in the hallway crowd after being knocked over by Nolan North's feet. After he helped her up, he walked off to go to class.

Love at second sight

The two later met at Sweet Shoppe, though their meeting now was much more talky. Twilight accidently bumped into Flash, knocking over his latte and spilling it on the floor and his shirt. Despite this, Flash was very easy-going and understanding of what happened. As the two bent over to clean up the mess, they touched hands, causing a adorably awkward reaction from the love-struck kids (okay Twilight is at least 20 years old by now but you get the idea). After more back-and-fourth, Flash went off to get a refill from Cup Cake.

The following day, Flash was seen rocking out with his friends, Valhallen, Crimson Napalm and Thunderbass. During this time, Twilight and the Equestria Girls began to perform the Equestria Girls Stomp. During their performance, Flash lent his guitar skills towards the song. After the performance, Flash witnessed Sunset Shimmer's total destruction of the gym as she blamed it on Twilight. Gathering evidence, Flash proved that Twilight was innocent. In a tender moment, Twilight cuddled up to Flash and he asked her out to the Fall Formal. Remember what she had to do, Twilight blurted out several "no's", causing Flash to believe she rejected him.

Flash Drive's big finish

At night, Flash drove his car to the Formal and asked Twilight out one last time. This time, she accepted his offer. At the formal, Flash and his band played for the party though they were soon interrupted by Snips and Snails kidnapping Spike to lure away Twilight. Flash ran after her, but was soon mind-controlled by her magic. After the defeat of Sunset Shimmer and being cured from the mind control, Flash offered Twilight if she wanted to dance with him, which she gracefully accepted. Twilight's horse-based dancing skills put-off almost every student at CHS, accept for Flash, who joined her in dancing like a crazy horse.

Battle of the Bands[edit]

Personal life[edit]

Flash's cheerful nature

Flash is a member of the Chemistry club alongside Derpy, "Sci-Twi" and Sunset Shimmer, showing he may have an interest in physics, chemistry and sciences. He's also a member of the Baking club, possibly showing a love for cooking. Flash owns a car and knows how to drive, possibly meaning he's from an upper-middle class family. Flash doesn't seem to have a job yet, or at least not one with typical work hours, as he spending his time alone at the mall when his friends were working.

Flash hosts the show, Weather in a Flash, a weather forecast for the Canterlot High School news. In addition to being a typical weather forecast, Flash also makes colorful commentary and makes bad puns involving his name.[1]

Despite his friendliness, Flash doesn't seem to have much of a life. He's rarely seen hanging out with anyone and isn't very close to the girls either. He's apart of a band called Flash Drive and writes songs for them but is seldom seen actually spending time with them. Although confident in his musical skills, Flash doesn't have much self-esteem in other areas, most notably his intelligence and looks, admitting that he doesn't consider himself very smart and envied other guys for their looks.[2]

He's admitted to having a deep crush on Sci-Twi once, but has also admitted that she wasn't the Twilight he had romantic feelings on. Despite this, he has also admitted that he did have romantic feelings towards her during the Canter-Crys Science Fair,[2] despite that not lining up with what he said during the Camp Everfree incident prior.[3] Continuity is a mess

Flash struggles at school and often needs help studying.[4]

Friends and family[edit]

The police officer Kurt Marshall strikes a noticeable resemblance towards Flash. Considering that Flash is often depicted as protective and in other timelines, has similar occupations, the two may be related.

Other than his band and the Girls, some of Flash's friends probably include Micro Chips, Sandalwood, Teddy and Bulk Biceps, as they were seen eating lunch together.



Flash Sentry is a good-natured young man. He's always friendly, kind and helpful of those around, even before he developed feelings for Twilight, he was one of the few students to show outward kindness towards her. He's a perfect little gentleman, confident enough to ask those he has feelings out on dates, but also respects them if they don't accept his advancements. When he believed Twilight didn't accept his dance request, he still supported her and hung out with her, even going as far as to prove she was innocent when Sunset Shimmer tried to disqualify her as a Fall Formal Princess candidate.

Flash is very kind to others, even those he hardly knows. Even though he was currently depressed, he didn't hesitate to help Trixie when she struggled to carried all of her stuff. He's also shown a socially awkward side from time to time, such as struggling to speak to "Sci-Twi" given his history with her alternate dimension self, which has caused "Sci-Twi" to think Flash is weird.

Flash Sentry belongs to the "Rocker" clique. He appears to be good friends with Valhallen and has his own baned called "Flash Drive". He's a talented musician with his preferred instrument being a guitar. Flash is quite clever and intelligent, smart enough to notice Sunset Shimmer was doctoring images to frame Twilight, though he's sometimes a little goofy, walking into walls when distracted. Flash is shown to maybe have a vain side, as his car has has image pastered on it, but he's not vain enough to belittle others.

In spite of his generally kind nature and good-looks, Flash doesn't seem to think much of himself. He grew jealous of Rising Star due to how kind and handsome he was and constantly felt inferior to him. Also in spite of his typically friendliness, Flash has shown an aggressive and slightly reckless side to him on a few occasions, such as when he tackled him to the ground when he had the suspicion that he was up to no good.

Flash doesn't consider himself very bright, and especially bad in science.

Much like Sandalwood, Flash believes that the power of love can solve most of life's problems.


Sunset Shimmer[edit]

Sunset and Flash used to date in the past. It's unclear why they broke up, but it's generally assumed that he broke up with her due to her mean and aggressive attitude, as in Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree, he complimented on how nice she's become since then. Since the incident involving Sunset absorbing the power of the Element of Magic, the two have since reconciled. Sunset helped Flash get over the fact that his love for Twilight would probably go anywhere in her blunt, but kind way, and afterwards, Flash wanted to restart their relationship as good friends.

Since then, the two have developed a good, strong friendship. In "Good Vibes", Sunset noticed that Flash was having a bad day so she ruffled his hair and shared her sushi with him and the two started hanging out, with the other girls following suite, cheering him up.

Flash considers Sunsets relationship to be one of "tough love".

Princess Twilight[edit]


Flash and Sci-Twi's relationship is complicated due to a number of retcons over the years.

In the "main" film and special series, the two aren't very close. Twilight thought Flash was weird due to how awkwardly he acted around her, but after learning of his history with the other Twilight, she started to understand his behavior. After some tough love from Sunset, Flash began to move on and hasn't interacted with her much sense. They two began to bond when Twilight flash with his homework.

Flash wasn't listed among Twilight's "best friends".[5]

In the novel, Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks, both Flash and Twilight admitted they had feelings for one another, with Twilight thinking Flash was "perfect".

The girls[edit]

Flash is considered a good friend of the girls, though he doesn't interact with them much. He hung out with them at Equestria Land and took a photo together.[6]


Though the two rarely interact, Derpy's unconditional kindness extends to Flash as seen when she comforted him when he felt heartbroken over Twilight.[3]

Micro Chips and Sandalwood[edit]

Flash and the guys

Flash had a relatively rough history with Micro Chips and Sandalwood. They were tasked with creating a banner for their Friendship Games team, though the three had wildly different ideas on how to design it. Flash wanted to design the banner after his new song, Love in a Flash, while Micro Chips wanted to design the flag off of DNA and Sandalwood off of spiritual imagery. Though they all had the same general idea of a flag that conveyed friendliness and kindness, they all got into fights about it. In the end, Sandalwood and Micro Chips ended up becoming good friends, though Flash has not.


Behind the scenes[edit]


Flash Sentry's overall prominence in the series has declined dramatically after Legend of Everfree premiered, and even before that, his importance was ever quite the same after the original film. This is likely because of a handful of reasons, such as his unpopularity among fans (see popularity) and the fact that Princess Twilight Sparkle stopped appearing in Equestria Girls. A potential attempt was made to possibly shift Flash's storylines to be more focused on Sandalwood and Micro Chips to create a smaller, male-centric cast of secondary characters as seen in "A Banner Day", however nothing has really come of this (if it was ever intended to be like that to begin with).

Flash did gain a major role in the novel Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks where he grew jealous of a love interest for Twilight named "Rising Star", whom he considered to be nothing but bad news (and was way more handsome and smart than him). However, his role in recent specials has been little more than a background character.


Friendship Games[edit]

Kmart Sentry

As a single exclusive to Kmart, this toy, though released in the Friendship Games set, has items and package art from the first film, such as his car and guitar.


Equestria Girls Minis[edit]

Kind of looks like Elvis
  • Line: Equestria Girls Minis
  • Set: Fall Formal Singles
  • Year: 2016
  • Includes: "poseable doll and guitar accessory"
  • Official description:[8]
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Package dimensions:2.8 x 5 x 7.5 inches
  • ASIN: B0142MEAVQ
  • Item model number: B7788AS0





Music Videos[edit]





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