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Micro Chips
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
  • Student
  • Musician
EducationCanterlot High School
AffiliationWonder Colts
Real world
VoiceJames Kirk
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

Micro Chips was a highly intelligent and talented student at Canterlot High School. Though he initially hung out with the 'Techie' clique, as the years went on, he began to hang out with several other students at the school, in particular forming a close friendship with the highly spiritual Sandalwood. Though at first glance, Micro Chips was little more than a nerd, he was in actuality the highly popular musician MC Decks Effects.


Micro Chips and the techies

Micro Chips was a member of the 'Techie' clique at CHS and seemed to be the most technically inclined of his friends. One of the first students who encountered Princess Twilight Sparkle, he was initially weirded out by her demeanor, but quickly grew to respect her after he saw that she could sing and dance, an act that he recorded on his phone. Later, at the Fall Formal, Micro Chips worked as the sound-designer for the performances.[1]

He later attended the Canterlot High Carnival, hanging around Valhallen and Cherry Crash.[2]

Right as the Dazzlings visited Canterlot High School, Micro Chips was painting a banner alongside Scott Green and Cloudy Kicks. By this point, he grew to deeply respect and cherish the Equestria Girls and openly cheered at their presence. Under the influence of the Dazzlings mood-altering musical powers, Micro Chips got into heated arguments with fellow students, such as Sophisticata. Though he attended the Battle of the Bands that resulted as a result, he was not known to play in any musical group.[3]

Wondercolts, assemble!

During the try outs for the Friendship Games, Micro Chips was very confused by Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon's interesting 'try out', though soon moved out and simply played on his phone once it ended.[4] Later, he was tasked with designing a banner for the event alongside Sandalwood and Flash Sentry. As their egos clashed, all three having different concepts of what the banner should be, they lashed out at one another and ruined the banner, but quickly became friends.[5] As the games began, Micro Chips became a member of the Wondercolts, competing in the more technical events, such as the chemistry competition. He later participated in the birdhouse building competition, though lost.


Micro Chips is a generally friendly teenager with a sarcastic, quippy sense of humor, often quick to make obsverational humor about the strange situations that tends to befall Canterlot High School.

Quick to fear, Micro Chips was frightened by Timber Spruce's campfire story.

He seems to be a fan of Japanese culture, though he was not a member of the anime club. He got a job at Equestria World, but didn't do a good job at it. Possibly a fan of anime memes, or his interests extending to Korean culture as well, but he was known performing the Gangam Style dance. Despite his unathletic nature, he seems to be interested in sports as well and often appeared as a spectator at his schools sporting events.


Incredibly gifted in the field of engineering and robotics, Micro Chips was often paired with other scientifically-inclined members of CHS, such as Bright Idea, Wiz Kid, Scribble Dee, Velvet Sky and of course, Twilight Sparkle, often walking to school, eating lunch and generally hanging out with them. He has sometimes been shown to hang out with students of other cliques, such as Scott Green, Valhallen, Cloudy Kicks and Flash Sentry.[6]

His closest friend however seemed to be Sandalwood. The two, fittingly enough, bonded at the Friendship Games when both were paired together for the birdhouse building exercise. When they failed, Sandalwood helped console Micro Chips and the two regularly hung out ever since.

After befriending Sandalwood, Miro Chips seemed to hang out less with his fellow techies, many of whom also began to find friends outside of their initial circle, but they still spent time together time together sometimes.

His intellect was often implied to rival Twilight herself as being quite possibly the smartest student at the school, as the two developed comparable creations, including seemingly sentient robots, as seen with his robot pet of his own creation, JBJ-24601. Being one of the first students to notice Princess Twilight's odd presence at the school, he has associated with her ever since.

He's on good terms with Trixie Lulamoon and Derpy and has had pleasant conversations with both of them.

While under the effects of the Windigos, he had an argument with Ringo.

While under the affects of the Dazzlings, he got into an argument with Thunderbass and Sophisicata.

MC Decks Effect persona

Behind the scenes

Micro Chips was initially an unvoiced, unnamed character, though he had a marginally larger and more involved role in the first Equestria Girls film than most background extras. His first speaking appearance was in the Equestria Girls: Friendship Games animated short "All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games", voiced by James Kirk, where he uttered "Is it just me or did things take a turn towards Weirdsville?"

Despite this, he would go on to become one of the more recurring Equestria Girls original characters and even had s handful of major appearances in the Equestria Girls series of shorts.

His final major appearance was in the second season of Equestria Girls: Choose Your Own Ending, where he was one of the possible helpers in the episode, "The Road Less Scheduled". His final film appearances were largely cameos, with his final speaking appearance being in Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship.

Design and nomenclature

Micro Chips is a teenager of mostly average height, though a little on the short end. He's slightly taller than most girls a CHS, as well as Flash Sentry. His skin is a pale purple, in contrast to his dark blue hair. His most distinct facial feature is his bulky, black-rimmed glasses. He wears a bright yellow shirt with white straps extending up from his pants.

Microchips are a type of circuit dating back to roughly the 1940s. Nerd or genius characters named after generic tech terms or products are not uncommon in fiction, with prominent examples including Database from The Simpsons and the character of the same name from Marvel Comics.

He was first identified as Micro Chips in-story in the short, "Best in Show: The Victory Lap". The first known credits roll that identified them as such was the short, "Photo Booth".

Micro Chips is one of the relatively few Equestria Girls original characters to receive a name who wasn't a character-of-the-week in the films or specials. Other characters, with the exceptions of named pets and other creatures, to have such an honor would include his friend Sandalwood, Lilypad, Dirk Thistleweed and Puffed Pastry.

In the novelization of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, Micro-Chips was either alternatively named as, or replaced with a character named Poindexter. Interestingly, Poindexter is a secondary name used for Gizmo in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

His persona of MC Decks Effects may be a reference to the album Decks, EFX & 909, which when read aloud would sound like "Decks Effects". The MC is a double double entendre on the term master of ceremonies ("MC") and Micro Chips.

Dub voice actors

Language Actor Notes
French Gauthier De Fauconval
German Rainer Fritzsche
Greek Foivos Rimenas
Italian Stefano Pozzi
Polish Bartosz Wesołowski, Mateusz Weber



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