Alizarin Bubblegum

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Alizarin Bubblegum
COYE2 Bubblegum.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Athlete
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot, Equestria
Family Possible boyfriend: Celery Stalk
First "Pinkie Spy"

Alizarin Bubblegum was a student at Crystal Prep Academy and member of its Friendship Games Team. She may have been the girlfriend of Celery Stalk, or at least had some romantic interest in him. Both an athlete and a "nerd", Alizarin was a surprisingly friendly, upbeat individual for Crystal Prep standards with a love for dancing.

She had a noticable resemblance of Pepper Twist, another, seemingly younger student at C.P.A.


Alizarin was an upbeat individual

Alizarin was a skilled athlete, skilled enough to be in Crystal Prep's Friendship Games team, where she was taught under Rommel.[1] Despite this, she didn't appear to be a member of the Shadowbolts. Regardless, she attended the Friendship Games, but didn't do much in the actual games.[2] She's a member of the Crystal Prep soccer team, however and played a game against the Wondercolts as their goalie, though she was confused by Fluttershy's quiet commentary, causing her to be distracted and missing a goal.[3]

Alizarin Bubblegum was also a fan of Scientist magazine, an interests she shared with Celery Stalk. When Pinkie Pie witnessed their shared interest in the topic, she went out of her way to try to pair the to together. Despite a slightly rocky start, the two quickly bonded and began to passionately dance together. It was implied they began dating afterwards, or at least gained some sort of romantic relationship.[4]

Alizarin was a huge fan of Vignette Valencia and apparently follows her social media presence, given how she enthusiastically ran over to her side when she was taking selfies.[5]

Behind the scenes[edit]

Alizarin is one of the more popular students of Crystal Prep Academy, with several fans liking her appearance in "Coinky-Dink World". She has a fair amount of fan-art drawn of her, and is usually shipped with Celery Stalk.


As she has no officially given name, Alizarin Bubblegum is her fan name. "Alizarin" is a shade of red with a hex code of #E32636, which is roughly the shade of her bubblegum-like hair, hence the "Bubblegum". Her other fan names include Sweet Twist and Cherry Pop.




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