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Zephyr Breeze
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
ResidenceCanterlot[citation needed]
FamilyFluttershy (older sister)
Real world

Zephyr Breeze is the younger brother of Fluttershy and acquaintance of Rainbow Dash and Applejack.


As her powers were being "supercharged", Zephyr Breeze asked Rainbow Dash out for a date. Even though she couldn't use her powers to get away, she instead just walked away. Zephyr insisted that he didn't really care.[1]

During a trip to the beach, Zephyr Breeze wanted to show off how good he was at surfing. With his beloved surfboard, Gladys in tow, he walked up to his sister, Fluttershy and her friends, Rainbow Dash and Applejack to brag about his skills. However, they took his challenge seriously and dragged him into their surfing session. After an accident, Zephyr was rescued by the two girls who later scolded him. He admitted to his wrong doings and begged Dash for help. She agreed to help him, but only for the sake of his surfboard.[2]


Zephyr is a green-skinned individual with blond hair and purple eyes. He's of average size, though appears to be slightly out of shape. Despite this, he seems to be rather prideful of his looks and enjoys showing off his body.


A prideful dolt show off without anything to actually show off, Zephyr Breeze is a bit pathetic, dimwitted and whiny. Despite his self-absorbed demeanor, he's quite friendly and easy-going, though his high maintenance personality annoys even his loved ones. He doesn't appear to be a bad person at heart, and was truly grateful that Dash decided to help him. He can also admit when he did something wrong, showing an underlining level of humility.


  • Surfing: Zephyr is a not a skilled surfer, but seems to know the bare basics at least, as he managed to keep his balance for a few moments.


  • Gladys: Zephyr owns a surfboard named "Gladys". Rainbow Dash took a quick liking to it and told it that she deserved better.
  • Necklace:

Behind the scenes[edit]

Zephyr Breeze first appeared in the Friendship is Magic cartoon series, but lie most characters in Equestria Girls, he was transplanted into the Equestria Girls series before long.




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