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Photo Finish
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
EducationCanterlot High School
Real world
VoiceTabitha St. Germain
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped

Photo Finish is the resident photographer at Canterlot High School. Eccentric, but highly talented, Photo Finish is a well-known member of the school, often using her talents for official school events such as plays, yearbooks and club photography. She's also a competent musician and member of The Snapshots, alongside Pixel Pizazz and Violet Blur, who seem to be her closet friends. She is apart of the fashion clique.

"I say nothing, Photo Finish lets her work speak for itself!"
— Photo Finish[source]


Photo Finished is amused.

Photo Finish with the Snapshots operated a photo booth at the Fall Dance, where she would take pictures of the Canterlot Movie Club and later Equestria Girls, who she much preferred photographing due to their energy, style and creativity. Although there were far more students lined up, they packed up, satisfied with their work.[1]

Photo Finish was tasked with year book duty by Vice-Principal Luna, as they lacked "pizazz". Along with the Snapshots, she took photographs of several students and staff, including Valhallen, Wiz Kid, Cheerilee, Scribble Dee, Watermelody and Luna herself. Though her work was considered disruptive, the quality of her photographs gave her a pass.[2]

In one possible outcome, Applejack would ask Photo Finish to be her assistant set-designer after she injured her finger. Within moments, Photo Finish and the Snapshots set up a highly advanced display using their lighting equipment.[3]



A highly passionate photographer, Photo Finish often believed her talents were wasted at the school, yet still put her heart in soul into every one of her assignments. Photo Finish has a short temper, prone to outbursts of frustration, in which she often begins speaking in German, but is also quick to joy. She can be very helpful if she wants to, as seen when she built an entire stage set for Applejack who was injured at the time.

During the holidays, Photo Finish was shopping at a video game store, implying she may either have an interest in gaming or was shopping for a friend who did.


Photo Finish has been seen eating lunch with Thunderbass and Scott Green, implying they may be friends.[4] Similarly, she's been shown hanging out with Scott and Norman.[5] However, her closest relationships appear to be Pixel Pizazz and Violet Blur, who make up a three-woman band and photography crew known as the Snapshots.


In addition to her expert photography skills, Photo Finish is also very athletic, able to instantly achieve complex poses to take better shots. She's also incredibly fast and quick, able to move around rooms so fast she becomes a blur, while setting up scenes to shoot. Although she's primarily seen as apart of the Fashion Clique, she's also very competent with technology as well.

Behind the scenes


Photo Finish is a slender young woman of average or slightly above average height, appearing around as tall as Applejack. For the most part, her design echoes her Friendship is Magic counterpart, with blue skin, neck-length white hair, magenta goggles which hide her presumably magenta eyes.[6] Her main outfit depict is additionally mostly a 1:1 translation of her Friendship is Magic attire, with a series of black-and-white stripes broken up by the occasional purple highlight. Her top is a onesie that turns into a skirt with lighter purple diamonds and a darker purple line at the bottom, followed by one last white and black line.

Photo Finish's outfit during the Battle of the Bands was quite different. She tied her hair into a knot with a purplish-pink bow. Her top and bottom has the same color scheme as her regular outfit, but with more vertical lines, complete with a white strap with a pink gemstone in the middle. Her skirt is far more jagged and sharp with two rows of purple-white-black thrills, with the top row having the muted-purple diamonds.

During construction, she wore a grey helmet with purple gloves.

During winter, she wore an all-black, buttoned-up dress coat with a black bonnet.

Some merchandise depict her with a zebra-patterned skirt instead.


Photo Finish was not voiced in her initial appearance, but was played by Tabitha St. Germain in all of her subsequent speaking roles. Her final speaking appearance was in Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped.

Around the world

Country Name Translation Performer(s)
Brazil ? ? Fátima Noya
German ? ? Jennifer Bischof
Italy ? ? Caterina Rochira
LatAm ? ? Laura Ayala
Romanian ? ? Adina Lucaciu
Russian ? ? Elena Chebaturkina-Greb, Tatyana Shitova
Serbian ? ? Mariana Aranđelović
Slovene ? ? Tanja Klanjščak


Friendship Games

Toyline Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
Set Singles
Articulation ?
Exclusive Amazon
Year 2015
References [7][8]


Official description

Photo Finish is the school photographer at Canterlot High, and she has an eye for picture-perfect fashion! This fashionable doll comes with an outfit, a pair of shoes, glasses, and a scannable necklace to use in the Equestria Girls app. Get ready to explore Canterlot High with the Equestria Girls app! The Photo Finish doll's necklace comes with a unique code. Scan the code with a compatible mobile device, and then customize an avatar with fun fashions and accessories. Embark on friendship quests to help the Equestria Girls characters and earn cool rewards along the way! My Little Pony, Equestria Girls and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.





# Media Role Voiced Note
1 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Supporting No
2 Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Supporting Yes First appearance of The Snapshots
3 Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Supporting Yes
4 Equestria Girls: Dance Magic Supporting No
5 Equestria Girls: Mirror Magic Cameo No
6 Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship Cameo No
7 Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass Cameo No
8 Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped Supporting No


# Media Series Role Voiced Note
1 "Perfect Day For Fun" Rainbow Rocks Cameo No
2 "Photo Finished" Friendship Games Main Yes
3 "A Photo Booth Story" Canterlot Shorts Main Yes
4 "Queen of Clubs" Better Together Cameo No Season 1
5 "Schedule Swap" Better Together Supporting No Season 2
6 "Five Lines You Need to Stand In" Better Together Cameo No Season 2
7 "Constructive Criticism" Choose Your Own Ending Main (ending) Yes Season 1
8 "Opening Night" Choose Your Own Ending Cameo No Season 1
9 "Happily Ever After Party" Choose Your Own Ending Cameo No Season 1


# Comic Story Role
1 My Little Pony Annual 2013 "Equestria Girls" Supporting


  • Photo Finish has the unique honor as being the character who, in a way, 'ended' the Equestria Girls franchise. The last scene, not counting the 4th-wall break where the girls deliver a happy holidays message, of Holidays Unwrapped featured Photo Finish performing one last photoshoot for the titular Equestria Girls. While the Equestria Girls franchise would technically carry on in a few later toy-releases, this can be seen as the finale of the franchise.
    • As Photo Finish did not appear in My Little Pony: Pony Life, this has also been her final in-animation appearance yet, not counting clips used in wrap up media.
  • As with her Friendship is Magic counterpart, her appearance heavily resembles Anna Wintour.


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