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The boy

Spike is one of the franchises most recurring characters, appearing in three of the five generations of the brand thus far. Often seen as the attempt to market towards boys, Spike's character has undergrown much evolution in the three decades of his inclusion, from an adventurous but somewhat callous youngster in My Little Pony, to the formal and regal elder in Generation 3 to the savvy, charismatic (sometimes) and confidently feminine, vaguely defined aged version in Friendship is Magic. He was also a dog for a bit.

Almost always somewhat of an oddity, Spike's unusual history has been the cornerstone of his typical characterization. The longing to meet his true parents and reluctances to accept his place among ponies. Indeed, Spike has been used for many things, such as allegories for orphans, minorities, and the rejection of toxic masculinity. Despite his turbulent and confusing past, Spike, in almost all continuities, takes solace in the fact that he has such a loving, caring, surrogate family who wouldn't change him for the world.


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