Tirek's Revenge

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King of the midnight castle, reduced to a mascot for a video game series

Tirek's Revenge is a video game produced or an unknown game console. It is the sequel to Rise of Tirek.

History and following

After the success of Rise of Tirek, its predecessor, Tirek's evenge was a highly anticipated game. So much so that the line, to get in the line, for the game was utterly massive. Snips, Snails, Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, Derpy, Microchip, Sandalwood and Sunset Shimmer were all waiting in line for it. Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy were all also rather interested in it and appeared to have followed the games development closely, as they were able to cite aspects of its gameplay.[1]

The game sold out on its first day at the Game store, but Pinkie Pie pre-ordered a copy of it for Sunset in advanced. Together, the friends enjoyed the games multiplayer features.[1]


No gameplay was directly shown, but the game was described like an RPG, with loot and quests. It's possible that the player takes control of Tirek himself, as Fluttershy was excited about the revenge you get enact.[1]

Behind the scenes

Tirek's Revenge first appeared in "A Fine Line", later renamed to Sunset Shimmer's Fine Line. It features the character Tirek, a multi-generational character who appears in Gen 1 and Gen 4 as a major villain. Within the context of Equestria Girls, he appears to be nothing more than a video game character, granted an iconic one.



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