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Sunset Shimmer shocked at Fluttershy's skill at a video game

Video games are a form of digital entertainment created by both Humans and Ponies across the vast, infinite multiverse. There exists many different kinds of video games, such as arcade games, role-playing games, fighting games and apparently video games about fuzzy bunnies riding monster trucks.

Gaming culture

For the most part, video games tend to appeal to children and teenagers, though adult fans have been seen on occasion. In spite of games being typically associated with "nerds", it has been shown to appeal to several unexpected demographics, such as three students from the prestigious Crystal Prep Academy, the athletic Sandalwood, Teddy and Rainbow Dash, to Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and even Sunset Shimmer. All of which seem to enjoy Role-Playing games such as the Tirek series of role-playing, loot-collecting adventures.

In Equestria, video games have mostly been depicted as being relegated to arcade cabinets.

Known games

Game locations

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