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You may be looking for the bell of Generation 1 Grogar; see Grogar's Bell.

The Bewitching Bell, also referred to as Grogar's Bell is a magical bell that belonged to Grogar, and which was the apparent source of his power.


The Bewitching Bell was stolen from Grogar by Gusty the Great, which resulted in his ultimate defeat and banishment. Gusty took the bell and hid it near the summit of Mount Everhoof, casting or taking advantage of a magical barrier to keep it out of the wrong hands. Millennia later, Discord-posing as Grogar-directed the members of his Legion of Doom to recover the bell so that they could use it to conquer Equestria. Aware of Mount Everhoof's obstacles, he informed them that they would be unable to retrieve the bell unless they worked together.

This report proved true, and it was only by combining their skills that the three villains were able to recover the bell; however, they chose to hide it from Grogar and find a way to use it against him. After stealing a book from the Canterlot Archives, the three learned how to tap into its power. Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow used the magic contained within it to make themselves more powerful, and then attacked the false Grogar and drained his power. Despite learning that they now possessed Discord's chaos magic, the trio were leery of it, fearing it to be too strong to control, which Cozy Glow soon proved.

After returning Discord's magic to the bell, the trio launched their attack against Equestria, with Cozy using the bell to drain Princess Celestia and Princess Luna of their magic. The villains then bickered over the magic of Discord and the Two Sisters, quarreling over which-if any of them-should possess such power. Later, when they confronted the Mane Six and Spike, the heroes attempted to steal the bell from them, but were unable to do so. Ultimately, however, the Magic of Friendship allowed the Mane Six to drain their power, with Pinkie Pie briefly taking possession of the bell and Discord's magic. However, Discord quickly used the bell to drain his power from Pinkie and return it to himself, also returning Celestia and Luna's magic to them.

Many moons later, the bell-or else a replica-was located in the Maretime Bay Lighthouse in the collection of Argyle Starshine.


According to Discord when he impersonated Grogar, the Bewitching Bell is indestructible, hence Gusty hid it after stealing it from Grogar. The bell has the ability to absorb magic, and can then release that magic into another being or beings. The Legion of Doom members were able to share its stored magic by casting the spell while in contact with each other, while Pinkie was able to absorb Discord's magic from the bell simply by touching it. The transfer of the bell's magic is apparently undetectable to Discord, who previously demonstrated the ability to sense disturbances caused by magic moving from one being to another.

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