Manehattan Police Department

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The Manehattan Police Department is a police department that patrols the city of Manehattan. Their uniforms are similar to that of the Fillydelphia Police Department.


The department is lead by Chief Stablemaker. At some point, they teamed up with Trixie Lulamoon in order to discover to protect the Ostlerheimer Diamond from the notorious Rough Diamond. However, after its theft, the blame was pinned precisely on Trixie herself. As her reputation wasn't exactly the best, the department understandbly thought Trixie was the crook the whole time and attempted to arrest her. After a slip up on the F Train in the subways, the Police lost their trail.

Eventually, they realized it was an inside job and Officer Fluffles was the true culprit. After her arrest, Trixie was allowed to go free.



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