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"The Return of Tambelon"

Grogar was the ruler of the city of Tambelon, and on at least two occasions attempted to seize control of Ponyland.


Five hundred years prior to Tirac's attempt to bring about eternal night using the Rainbow of Darkness, Grogar had become ruler of Tambelon. However, when he attempted to take control of Ponyland, he was thwarted and banished, along with his city and its Troggle inhabitants, to the Realm of Darkness. Eventually, with the Troggles as slave labor and a donkey named Bray as his top minion, Grogar was able to create a magical bell that gave him great power. In the present day, he was able to use this power to begin returning Tambelon to Ponyland, in the process capturing several unicorns when they winked out.

When Tambelon fully returned, Grogar led a swift and efficient campaign, with his Troggles capturing many of the remaining ponies and their various allies, including human girl Mega Williams who had attempted to rescue the unicorns. A small group of rebels, including Megan's siblings Danny and Molly, attempted to defeat Grogar and save their sister. Grogar was actually interested in enslaving the humans, as they possessed hands which he and Bray lacked. The rebels tried to steal Grogar's bell, but their plan backfired and more captives were taken by Grogar.

Drog, a Troggle rebel, later came to Danny and Molly's party with word that many of the Troggles wished to be free of Grogar, and led them into Tambelon. The rebels were betrayed by Troggles loyal to-or terrified of-Grogar, who locked the rescuers away before starting a spell that would send Tambelon back to the Realm of Darkness with his prisoners. However, Megan and the others managed to escape, and interrupted a celebration ordered by Grogar to lead the Troggles to freedom. As Grogar attempted to blast the escapees, Megan flew to an ancient bell located in the city which had been used to defeat Grogar previously. She rung it, which caused Grogar's own bell to dissolve into nothing, destroying his powers and leaving him unable to prevent the Troggles' escape or his own return to the Realm of Darkness.

With his bell destroyed and no slaves to serve him, the ponies were confident that Grogar would not be able to return for a long time.

In other media

IDW comics

Grogar in Nightmare Knights #1

Grogar has a cameo in Nightmare Knights #1 where he appears on a high floor of the Chaos Casino, a casino where several other villains from the franchise appeared. He was partly obscured by blue lighting, making him hard to see.


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