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S.M.I.L.E., the Secret Monster Intelligence League of Equestria, is a secret organization of Ponies dedicated to protecting Equestria from threats posed by various monsters.


S.M.I.L.E. operated under Princess Celestia for an unspecified period, until a Bugbear managed to escape from Tartarus some years prior to Cranky and Matilda's wedding. The organization was supposedly forced to disband as a result, with Agent Sweetie Drops, who had captured the Bugbear, being forced to move from Canterlot to Ponyville and take on the assumed identity of Bon Bon. However, some time after the Bugbear was defeated by the Mane Six-whom S.M.I.L.E. consider to be an unofficial branch of their organization under the name F.R.O.W.N.-Agent Furlong approached Sweetie Drops. Informing her that S.M.I.L.E. remained in operation and needed her help once again, he decided to recruit her best friend Lyra Heartstrings after learning that she was aware of Sweetie Drops' true identity.

Agents were dispatched to Appleoosa, Applewood, and the Crystal Empire in search of Changeling infiltrators, with Lyra and Sweetie discovering a Changeling named Delilah in Appleoosa. Despite some infighting between the veteran and her rookie partner, they were able expose the villains and summon the Mane Six to help defeat them. Afterwards, the pair were established as a permanent team, remaining in Ponyville. According to some accounts, S.M.I.L.E. also worked with Dr. Hooves on occasion, though they were forced to contend with temporally displaced monsters and members of the Pillars of Equestria.


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