Princess Celestia (Friendship is Magic)

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Princess Celestia
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Alicorn
Skyrosian (formerly)
EducationStarswirl the Bearded
FamilyEquestrian Royal Family
RelativesPrince Blueblood
King Leo
AffiliationFour Princesses of Equestria
Celestia's Secret Service
Real world
"Friendship is Magic"

"I am writing this here rather than in my journal in hopes that it may find its way back to them some day. Or perhaps to two such sisters or leaders in need. For in a leader, there is no greater quality than compassion. Order can be obtained through strength and fear. But harmony? Harmony can only be maintained when we strive to be compassionate. Only when we strive to understand one another, can we all become greater."
— Starswirl the Bearded on Princess Celestia[source]

Princess Celestia is the former Princess of Equestria who had the longest known reign of all Equestrian monarchs.


Early life

Celestia was born somewhere in the distant past, during the era in which such legends as Rockhoof and Mistmane walked the land. Although initially a pompous teenager who bullied her sister, Celestia's tune changed after Luna got trapped in the alternate universe where she was very nearly killed (and indeed, another version of Luna did die in this same scenario), after which Celestia began to grow into her more kind and motherly nature, though this was far from an overnight event. Even later in her young life, when both she and Luna were kidnapped by The Pony of Shadows and dragged into his dimension, she retained her punkish nature. While in the strange, dark world, Celestia was adorned in the armor of Daybreaker as Stygian announced his grand plan to use the two sisters to reshape all worlds, though she was eventually saved by the Pillars of Equestria.

Luna's betrayal and solo-reign


Celestia in her younger years was a rude and self-absorbed individual. Though she did have a kind heart, her demeanor was far more condescending and mean-spirited, often talking down to her sister, causing her much insecurities. As she grew, Celestia became a much kinder, much more gentle individual with a sincere love for all Equestrians, though especially her friends and family. As graceful as she was, Celestia had an incredibly strong sense of humor and loved to play lighthearted jokes on her subjects and associates and even hosted her own annual comedy show.


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