Big Shot

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Big Shot
S1E20 Big Shot.png
Species Pony
Kind Pegasus
Gender Male
Occupation Photographer
Nationality Equestrian
First "Green Isn't Your Color"

Big Shot is a pegasus stallion who works as a paparazzi photographer.


Big Shot works primarily as a "wildlife photographer" despite also being a paparazzi photographer as well.[1]

Fluttershy ran into him when she was trying to fly away from an uncomfortable amount of attention and he and his crew kept taking photos of her. He demanded that she give him her best smile.[2]

Later at the Grand Galloping Gala, he seemed to be talking to another mare while his fellow paparazzi talked to other rich Canterlot folk.[3]

He may have been present at the Battle for Canterlot, photographing the changelings, as he bragged about taking photos of them, as well as dragons and Ursas.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Big Shot seems to be a brave pegasi who is willing to go to extreme lengths to get the job done. He was not present during the Flim Flam scams however, so it's unclear if he has the same moral fiber as his fellow photographers.



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