Clear Skies

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Not to be confused with Clear Sky, the mother of Wind Sprint and girlfriend of Quibble Pants
Clear Skies

Clear Skies was a Pegasus mare from either Ponyville or Cloudsdale, though likely the latter as she worked at the Weather Factory.[1] She was a member of the Weather Control group and lived in the Cloudsdale Mane-or with her friends, Sunshower and Open Skies.[2]Template:Iffycanon

Behind the scenes

Clear Skies first appeared in "Tanks for the Memories", before her role as a Weather Worker was typically filled by random pegasi or even Rainbow Dash. She also had her first, and only speaking line here.

Narration and descriptions

Her Gameloft descrption, presumably written by the Narrator, was a parody of the famous quote from Superman media. It reads as the following:

Up there, in the clouds! Is it a bird?! Is it a Breezie?! Nope -- it's Clear Skies!

Notable, the original quote Look, up in the Sky was trademarked by DC Comics.

Voice actors

Language Actor Note
English Tabitha St. Germain Also the voice of Rarity
German Daniela Reidis -
Polish Monika Wierzbicka -
Russian Darya Frolova -
Ukrainian Natalya Romanko -



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