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Fleetfoot was a blue-coated Pegasus and a member of the Wonderbolts.



Fleetfoot seemed to be a romantic and maternal pony, or at least she is when she suffered from a head injury. During this daze, she dreamed of marring Big McIntosh and have his children. Being a Wonderbolt, Fleetfoot is naturally heroic and brave, ready to charge even giant dragons to protect Equestria from harm's way. However, during her head injury, she was also willing to attack Tealove for also having a crush on Big McIntosh, possibly showing a more violent side to her.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In fanfiction[edit]

Fleetfoot was a major character in Mauroz's Friendship is Magic: the Comic series, especially during the "Shadowbolt Arc". As that fanfiction took place on Earth and starred humans, Fleetfoot was changed to be either a highly tanned Caucasian or an African American young woman from North Carolina. Her characterization in that comic was that of a skilled, but a spoiled and lazy athlete who was always at odds with Soarin', a young man from France.

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