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She is dangerously clumsy and banned from 37 public areas, but she is your friend :)

Whether you know her as Derpy, Muffins or Ditzy Doo, this good-natured pony is undoubtedly one of Generation 4s most enduring supporting characters and running gags. Sure, she can be chaotic, incompetent, fustrating, and dim but she is nonetheless doggedly loyal to her friends and is unflinchingly kind and sweet to all others. Due to her big heart, Derpy has become a beloved fixture of Ponyville and even some of its grumpiest residents consider her a loved one.

Derpy is often associated with Rainbow Dash and Doctor Hooves, the former being a regular co-worker of hers and the latter seemingly being her closest friend. She is sometimes considered an older relative of Dinky Doo by fans, but this has never been collaborated in canon. In Equestria Girls, she has a friendship with Bulk Biceps. In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon, she works at the Ponyville Post Office and lives with Doctor Hooves. In the context of the Reflections universe, Derpy represented the Element of Wisdom.

Derpy first appeared in "Friendship is Magic", though wouldn't be portrayed as her typical self until "Feeling Pinkie Keen". She was portrayed by Tabitha St. Germain, however, the initial voice she gave the character was controversial as many believed it was insensitive to individuals with down syndrome. She shares her animation model with Sunshower Raindrops.


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